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10 Simple Tricks To Create Huge Bong Rips

10 Simple Tricks To Create Huge Bong Rips

Everyone loves voluminous bong rips that are both rich in flavor and dense in texture. But most beginners wonder how the veterans churn out those enormous clouds that seem to linger in the air, albeit momentarily. Well, you can also create huge bong rips using the following 10 tricks.

1. Grind Your Dry Herb

Always use finely ground dry herb. Do not load bits and pieces. Worse, don’t use chunks. If you have too many unevenly shaped and oddly sized chunks of herbs, the pieces won’t burn at the same time. Some pieces may burn immediately, while a few bits may resist the same.

As a result, you won’t have the desired smoke flow into the water chamber. And your bong will not deliver the large hits you long for. Thus, use a grinder or at least get a scissor to chop those large pieces so that you have an even mix.

2. Fill Sufficient Water

Always use sufficient water in your bong. The downstem inside the water chamber must be fully submerged, not half way or only its bottom tip. Also, if you have a percolator bong, the filtration component should also be submerged in water.

Some bongs have more than one percolator. Hence, all such percolators should be under water. If there’s any essential component of the filtration system that is not submerged in water, your bong won’t be able to deliver dense, heavy, and enormous rips.

3. Go for a Small Bowl

Use a small bowl for enormous bong rips. A larger bowl allows much more airflow than what you need for one puff. While you may think that a larger size facilitates a better experience, that isn’t how a bong or its bowl works.

A small bowl will let less air flow into the water chamber. Thus, the smoke will be more saturated with the flavors. More smoke and less air will naturally create larger, milkier, and flavorful rips.

4. Smoke a Perc Bong

Percolators filter the smoke to deliver cleaner and smoother hits. But percolators can also offer you larger rips. Percolators under water will allow the smoke to cool further than usual. Also, the process will make the smoke more concentrated with the vaporized extracts from the herbs.

Beginners don’t tend to start their bong adventures with a perc. However, all connoisseurs only use perc bongs, which of course has more reasons than just delivering larger rips. Thus, use a perc bong or at least try one to experience the difference.

5. Be Ready for Inhale

Don’t light the herb unless you are ready to inhale, which means that you must be prepared to draw a large breath. If your lungs aren’t ready and you simply try to draw the smoke out of the bong, there won’t be a strong updraft to get you a voluminous rip.

Even if the airflow through the downstem and bong pushes the smoke to your mouth, that may scatter if you cannot inhale all of it in. The objective is to blow out large rips after enjoying all the flavors and sensations, not allowing the smoke to scatter or disperse.

6. Remove Bowl Slowly

Many people, especially beginners, remove the bowl swiftly so that they can draw the smoke. It is a wrong approach in any event, and more so when you want huge rips. Allowing a lot of air flow without accumulating sufficient herbal smoke won’t get you the larger clouds.

7. Always Exhale Neatly

While removing the bowl should be a slow process, exhalation should be neat and a bit forceful. You don’t want smoke to linger in your throat unless you are immune to coughing and dryness. You can blow the smoke in two or more short bursts but the exhalation should be neat.

8. Let the Water Cool

Don’t keep reigniting the herb or reloading the bowl with fresh stash unless the water is cool. A bong needs to cool, too. Warm water doesn’t produce voluminous smoke. Some people think of using ice, but you don’t need to do that. Let the water cool and refill as and when necessary. 

9. Take Time to Breath

Just like the bong and its water needs to cool, you must also relax between large puffs. Catch your breath, prepare your lungs for another large draw, and hit the bong when you are ready. It is pointless to try multiple large inhales in a few seconds. You won’t get large hits.  

10. Moisten Your Mouth

Last but not least, drink some water when you think your mouth or throat is dry. Moistening your mouth and throat will prevent coughing. Also, you will experience larger rips because moisture makes smoke heavier. Some chew gum or take a mint, but don’t choke on these while smoking.


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