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5 Advantages of Smoking From a Bong

5 Advantages of Smoking From a Bong

Smoking pipes have been around for millennia, and the fundamental concept has evolved into a few interesting devices over the centuries. Today, we have bongs, dab rigs, hookahs, and all the old school pipes in varying designs and sizes.

Compared to conventional smoking, water pipes like bongs deliver a much better experience for both beginners and connoisseurs alike. If you have never tried a water pipe, you might wonder if there are any advantages of smoking from a bong. Well, here are 5 benefits of using a bong:

1. Bong Delivers Cleaner and Cooler Smoke

Traditional pipes that don’t have a water chamber burn dry herbs or tobacco and deliver smoke directly through the mouthpiece. This smoke is not filtered through anything unless you want to consider cigarettes. Hence, a conventional pipe delivers tar and toxic chemicals.

Bongs are a simple water pipe. The water chamber inside serves as a filtering medium, which not only absorbs many of the toxic substances, but also cools the smoke. Thus, you get a much cleaner and cooler cloud of smoke every time you light your bong and take a puff.

All water pipes offer this advantage, so bongs aren’t an exception. But if you compare smoking pipes without water chambers to bongs, the cleaner and cooler smoke is the most important advantage. Inhaling tar and other toxic substances through a conventional pipe isn’t healthy for anyone. Plus, even the simplest bongs don’t let any ash flow into the mouthpiece. 

2. Bongs With Percolators Offer Smooth Hits

A simple bong can deliver a smoother hit than a conventional pipe that doesn’t have a water chamber. However, if you want the hits to be even better, you can get a bong with a percolator. Bongs with percolators create a bubbling effect and there is additional filtration.

Like bongs, percolators aren’t identical, so the extent to which you will enjoy the benefit of one depends on the size and type. The simplest percolator may create fewer bubbles, so the effect or increase in surface area isn’t a lot. That limits the additional filtration and also cooling.

An advanced percolator or bongs with more than one such fixture can create many tiny bubbles that will provide for a larger surface area. This expanded exposure to water cools and filters the smoke much more than usual. Therefore, you get inexplicably smooth hits from such bongs. 

3. Enjoy Unadulterated Flavors of Dry Herbs

Bongs are used to smoke dry herbs. You don’t use paper or anything else to contain or wrap dry herbs before you can light a pack. A bong uses a bowl that you load with well-ground dry herbs, and then you use a standard lighter to ignite the pack. There is no other material involved.

Dry herbs that you smoke with a bong aren’t processed with anything. You can essentially enjoy unadulterated flavors of dry herbs, albeit there are products that may contain other ingredients. Thus, a bong is a simple way to extract and inhale the flavors of your favorite dry herbs.

4. Extra Features Will Enhance Your Smoking

Standard bongs don’t have too many features. You will find such bongs having a bowl, down stem, mouthpiece, and water chamber. These components and the neck of the piece decide the overall size of the bong. Such bongs are a good start, but you can always get a better version.

Many bongs have extra features, such as percolators. You can use ash catchers if you think one will help to keep the water clean for a longer period of time. While a bong will not let ash flow to your mouth, the water in the chamber does get dirty in due course.

A little bit of ash finds its way through the hole in the bowl to the water chamber in the bong. So, using an ash catcher will keep these fine particles from entering the water chamber in the first place. The water will stay cleaner, and so will the glass base, effectively simplifying cleaning.

Such extra features are not only cool, but practical and beneficial. You don’t want to continue a session if the water gets dirty. An ash catcher will allow you to extend a session before you have to replace the water. Likewise, glycerin coils can enrich your session with a bit more coolness.

Some users opt for ice to cool the smoke in a bong. Ice increases the water level as it melts, so frozen glycerin coils are a better option. Of course, such extra features aren’t necessary to enjoy the elementary advantages of a simple bong.

5. Simple or Standard Bongs Are Easy To Use

If you are a beginner, you may find a standard bong to be easier to use than another water pipe, such as a dab rig or hookah. I’m not saying dab rigs or hookahs are complicated, but a bong has a more straightforward way of functioning. The learning curve is usually a cakewalk.

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