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5 Reasons to Clean your Bongs and Glass Pipes after Every Session

5 Reasons to Clean your Bongs and Glass Pipes after Every Session

Every smoker knows that a bong or glass pipe should be cleaned frequently. You may have your own routine based on convenience and necessity, but ideally a bong or glass pipe should be cleaned after every session. Most people use bongs and glass pipes for pleasure, so it may appear to be counterproductive for the experiential relaxation and satisfaction when one has to worry about cleaning the apparatus every time. Yet, that is what you ought to do because an unclean bong is dangerous.

  1. Residue Buildup is Hazardous

There are many reasons why you should clean your bong or glass pipe after every session. The most important reason is the potential hazards. It is a given that an unclean bong will enable residue buildup. The more you delay a cleaning session, the greater shall be the residue buildup. While some bits of the residue may only look unpleasant, a few components are practically hazardous.

Residual tobaccos, herbs, additives such as flavors and other components like preservatives in products can catch fire in certain circumstances. Imagine a situation wherein you are covering the carb while using a dirty bong. If some of the built-up residue gets immensely hot or catches fire, then you may burn your mouth and fingers while using the bong or glass pipe. Surely, no one wants such a horrifying possibility to exist when the solution is as simple as a regular cleaning and rinsing routine.

  1. Dirty Bong is Unhygienic

Bongs and glass pipes that are shared in a group of people should be cleaned after every session. The risk of spreading germs and other contagions is enormous. Even those who do not share their sessions with others must not use dirty bongs or glass pipes. In simple words, they are absolutely unhygienic.

Let water sit in a stagnant container. It will get dirty and ridden with germs in due course of time. Now, imagine what a bong with dirty water and built-up residue can harbor if you don’t clean it regularly. Your bong will literally smell foul if you don’t clean it out before allowing it to rest for the next session. It is needless to mention that germs or harmful microorganisms thrive in dirty settings or environments.

  1. Clean Bong is Healthier

A dirty bong will let ash cling on to its surface. Every part of the bong that gets in direct contact with ash and other carcinogens through exposure to the smoke will make the session unhealthier if you don’t clean the device after every session. Anyone who has spent some time next to an ashtray loaded with cigarette stubs knows how awful the smell is, and scientists have proven the toxicity of such leftovers.

  1. Dirty Bongs are Dissatisfying

Take your favorite tobacco, herb, or flavor, fill up a clean bong or glass pipe, and experience the smoke. Now, repeat the same process with a dirty bong. You will have a perfectly clear understanding of how different the smokes are, and not just the flavors. If you want clean smoke rich in the expected flavor or texture, then you must never use a dirty bong or glass pipe.

  1. Clean Bongs will Last Long

A dirty bong will get excessively heated when subjected to the same quantity of herb or tobacco. The built-up residue in an unclean bong will increase the stress endured by the device. Everything from the glass to the ash-catcher and any other feature in your bong will have to endure more than it is supposed to if you don’t clean it after every session. Clean bongs last longer. They also look much better.

Simple Stepwise Guide to Clean Bongs or Glass Pipes

Throw the dirty liquid away and rinse the bong or glass pipe. Tap water works fine. You may use some warm water. Rinse the entire bong, not just the bowl or the stem. You may use a cleaning agent or a mixture of alcohol and salt. Rigid stains or residues can be removed easily if you let the cleaning solution sit for a while. Use more salt for stubborn stains or residues.

Cover the openings with a towel or use your hand. Shake the cleaning mixture inside the bong and then rinse the apparatus again. You may use a gentle cleaning brush if required. Rinse well after every scrubbing cycle. Drain all the water, pat the accessible parts using a soft towel, and air-dry the bong.

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