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6 Criteria To Find the Perfect Bong for You

6 Criteria To Find the Perfect Bong for You

Bongs have been around for centuries, but the evolution of the contemporary designs and styles is probably unprecedented. Modern bongs are a world apart from primitive water pipes, albeit a few of the ancient versions have been found featuring precious materials, including gold.

You are unlikely to consider a bong made of precious metals, studded with gemstones, but it is imperative to find the right kind that will serve your needs. Generally, bong users don’t have the same preferences, so you may want to consider your specific requirements while buying bongs.

Considering all available features and, thus, your options, here are the 6 main criteria you can rely on to find the perfect bong:

1. Choose the Right Size

Like hookahs, bongs are available in different sizes. You can consider a small bong if you want to carry it around. Large bongs are not portable. Also, small bongs are often easier to handle for beginners. Larger bongs warrant meticulousness, as they can be quite unwieldy at times.

If you plan to smoke alone, a small size should be sufficient. But the definition of small depends on your preference. Some people are comfortable with bongs measuring 8 to 12 inches, while many want a slightly larger size. There are pros and cons of both these size ranges, of course.

A larger bong can deliver more smoke per hit than a smaller variant. If you want a voluminous cloud or a lot of smoke, you may not be content with a small bong. On the other hand, anyone who isn’t comfortable with strong hits may find the large clouds somewhat overwhelming.

Thus, choose the right size based on your desired user experience and portability requirement. The size will also influence some of the other features, such as material, percolator, etc.

2. Get the Right Material

You are unlikely to consider a wooden bong. Most head shops have glass bongs, but you will also find silicone. Glass bongs have more aesthetic appeal, whereas silicone is safer. If you are not sure about your handling skills, you may consider a silicone bong that won’t break.

If you choose glass, compare the types available for your budget and size. Borosilicate glass, which is also known as scientific glass, is stronger than ordinary variants. You will also find an alternative in the popular heady glass bongs. These bongs are made by glassblowers.

Glassblowing techniques pave the way for unmatched aesthetics, so these bongs are likely to have a unique appeal. If you want a work of art, you may consider a heady glass bong. But not all heady glass bongs are equally durable or resistant to chipping and cracking.

3. Consider Percolators

Once you choose the material and size, you should consider percolators. Bongs have different types of percolators nowadays. You will find glass tubes inside a bong, usually right above the water chamber, that serve as cooling and filtration sections. Some bongs have more than one percolator, at times even weaved into the water chamber, and extending to the tip, in a few.

Bongs with percolators deliver smoother hits. Thus, percolation is a priceless feature to have if you want cleaner and cooler smoke.

You should also consider the type of percolator in a bong. Glass tubes are the conventional way to incorporate this feature. But glycerin coils are also used these days. You may find a glycerin coil along with a glass tube serving as dual-percolators. Also, glycerin coils have different colors.

4. Stem Vs. Stemless

The simple bong has a removable stem. The downstem goes into the water chamber, and it will be submerged to varying extents, depending on the size and style of your bong. The other style available and becoming increasingly popular is a stemless bong.

A stemless bong has a fixed joint, usually at ninety degrees, extending from the water chamber. You cannot remove this stem as there is no detachable downstem. The bowl sits atop the arm of a stemless bong. Stemless bongs may be a tad harder to clean, but there are advantages.

Bongs with removable stems are more vulnerable to damage, especially chipping and cracking, if you aren’t careful every time you insert into or take out the piece from the water chamber. 

5. Additional Features

You may want an ash catcher if the bowl is letting a few bits and pieces into the water chamber. A water chamber may have a splashing problem, which is more common in smaller bongs due to the limited space. You might like to have a splash guard to prevent or resolve this problem.

6. Final Consideration

The final consideration can be only price or a combination of all the factors I have discussed in this post. Whatever you prioritize, always pick a sturdy bong with a durable base. That’s the only way to ensure your investment lasts for a while and you continue enjoying your favorite herbs.


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