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A Beginner’s Guide To Rolling Papers and Wraps

A Beginner’s Guide To Rolling Papers and Wraps

Every beginner takes a while to become familiar with various types of rolling papers, wraps, filter tips, and other essentials. The experience of a hand-rolled joint depends as much on flowers, flavors, and your techniques as the quality of rolling papers and wraps. 

The finest techniques may fail to deliver the delightful hits and delicious flavors if you choose a poor-quality rolling paper or wrap, one that uses artificial or synthetic chemicals, and other ingredients that are not exactly pleasant or desirable. 

Types of Rolling Papers and Wraps

You are probably aware of regular rolling papers and wraps, pre-rolled cones, and flavored options. The secret to success is knowing the material differences among these many variants. For instance, both wood pulp and hemp are widely used to make rolling papers, but they couldn’t be more different. Most connoisseurs love hemp and wouldn’t ever touch wood pulp. 

The only surefire option is hemp if you want to maximize flavors without compromising on the basic functionality of rolling papers or wraps. However, the neutral and pure taste of hemp can get adversely affected if a manufacturer uses additional ingredients, such as dyes, chlorine, or other chemicals, including bleaches. You don’t want unnatural or unpleasant materials in there. 

Steer clear of rolling papers, wraps, and all other essentials that use artificial colors, dyes, bleaches, and other materials that will inevitably affect your experience. Only unbleached and natural fibers are the fitting option because they do not impart any taste or flavor, texture, and odor to your joint. Effectively, you will get to smoke precisely what you concoct and wrap & roll.

In the event you explore flavored rolling papers or wraps, you should prioritize authenticity over price. Do not settle for flavors that are almost entirely based on chemicals. Also, pick flavors that will complement your flowers, not a random variant that will definitely alter the smoke quality. 

Last but not the least, the choice is between standard or regular and pre-rolled papers, cones, and wraps. This decision is entirely based on convenience and preference. Many smokers will not want anything but the satisfying experience of rolling a joint from scratch. Similarly, many do not have the time or are not too ardent about every phase of the process. 

Top 4 Rolling Papers and Wraps

The diverse and versatile world of rolling papers and wraps can perplex most beginners. Hence, it is imperative for you to start with a few safe options. Some of the most popular essentials out there right now are RAW natural rolling papers, Zig Zag blunt wraps, Juicy Jays flavored range, and Cyclones pre-rolled cones. 

  • RAW is a market leader in natural rolling papers. The rolling papers undergo minimal processing. Thus, you get as close to pure and natural papers as is practically possible. Also, RAW has an array of paper filters and cotton plugs. In recent years, RAW has introduced several pre-rolled cones. You can actually have a full kit of RAW essentials. 

  • Zig Zag makes some of the best blunt wraps available today. These cigar-sized wraps have soothing aromas and pronounced flavors. The only concern with Zig Zag blunt wraps is the need to keep them properly sealed in the foil pouches, or they may not remain desirably fresh. 

  • Juicy Jays rolling papers are completely flavored, not in bits & pieces like the gum strip in many other similar options. The flavor collection may overwhelm some beginners so you can decide according to your preference, starting with the safest option that you know is your first choice. Besides, Juicy Jays rolling papers are made of pure hemp for naturally delectable smoke. 

  • The last of the top four options is pre-rolled cones from Cyclones. The company essentially made the first pre-rolled wraps for flavored tobacco, and it continues to hold the pole position. You may shop for transparent pre-rolled cones, slow burn variants, and other options to suit your preferred style of filling and smoking. 

You may also consider pre-rolled cone tips of Elements. These affordable essentials are effortless to use and highly efficient. Most of these rolling papers, wraps, cones, and filters or tips come in various packs or sizes, so you are not compelled to stock up unnecessarily. 

However, you should ideally have sufficient rolling papers with as many tips. Using a tip is not only convenient and safe but it also makes a joint supremely effective. The practicality of using a tip as the base for the rolling paper to form a perfect cylinder or cone is a settled debate. 

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