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A Stepwise Guide to Buy the Best Herb Grinder

A Stepwise Guide to Buy the Best Herb Grinder

A legal dry herb grinder should not be considered as an accessory. It is an essential device if you want to smoke dry herbs. Since many people think of an herb grinder as just an accessory, they tend to have a stringent budget and eventually settle for an inferior quality product. It is imperative to note that you will not get a durable herb grinder for five bucks or even at twenty dollars. You should be prepared to spend around fifty or up to a hundred if you want a truly effective, sturdy and durable herb grinder.

Types of Herb Grinder

There are three elements we can use to categorize the common types of herb grinder available today. The first element is material. The second is a combination of design or style and size. The third is price.

  • Herb grinders are made from wood, plastic, acrylic, aluminum, and titanium. There are some special designs that use other materials, but these five are the most common. Wood is a popular choice, primarily due to its aesthetic appeal, and largely due to its affordable price. Wooden dry herb grinders can be better than plastic or acrylic, but they will not last very long.
  • Plastic and acrylic dry herb grinders are not expensive. They come in a variety of designs, styles, and sizes. However, they too are not very durable. The teeth in plastic and acrylic grinders tend to fall off or get damaged in due course of time. The shells also develop cracks if you use them frequently. Wood, plastic, and acrylic dry herb grinders are affordable without much durability.
  • Aluminum herb grinders are substantially more durable than the three cheaper materials. Aluminum grinders also have sturdier teeth. It should be noted that aluminum is easier to clean than wood, plastic, and acrylic. The cost of a quality aluminum herb grinder is not very high.
  • Those who can afford should consider a titanium herb grinder. It is probably the best material you can choose. Some of the titanium grinders have warranty covering the teeth. You can have them replaced if they are damaged or come apart, albeit both are quite unlikely given the resilience of the material.

In the context of material, aluminum is your best bet, a fine balance among cost, utility, and durability. Those who do not know if they will use a grinder in the medium to long term can always buy one made of wood, plastic or acrylic.

The design and size aspects are a matter of personal preference. If you intend to grind a lot of dry herb in one go, then you need one of the larger designs. If you do not need multiple chambers or too fancy a mechanism, then a small grinder should suffice.

The grinding mechanism is more or less identical in all entry level and midrange dry herb grinders. It is only when you spend closer to and upwards of a hundred dollars that you will find smart tweaks in the design to facilitate a smoother and better grind. Larger grinders are tedious to operate, so do not get one unless you absolutely need it. Small to medium sized dry herb grinders get the job done quite well.

Price vs. Quality of Herb Grinder

Dry herb grinders are sold at prices as low as five bucks. There are top of the line variants selling at fifteen hundred dollars. The best of both the worlds tend to be in the range of fifty bucks to just over a hundred dollars. Those priced at above hundred may be available at a discount, so keep an eye out.

An aluminum dry herb grinder, neither too small nor large, is a wise investment. Check the design to observe the number of teeth inside the chamber and assess how convenient the overall form is for you when you have to actually grind the dry herbs. This assessment should be done for all types & materials.

Expert Advice about Dry Herb Grinders

Do not settle for a brand that apparently no one has heard of. Do not opt for a material that you don’t know about. Do not buy the cheapest grinder as it will not, in all likelihood, last very long. Do consider the compulsory cleaning and upkeep of the grinder. Some designs make it challenging to clean the grinding chamber. Electric dry herb grinders are available today. Unless you want something cool and expensive, or you don’t like to grind manually, there is really no need to consider an electric variant.

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