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Creative Handbook for Smokers : A Guide to Improvisation

Creative Handbook for Smokers : A Guide to Improvisation

Nobody is unfamiliar with the annoyance of having trouble finding something essential. Even the most dependable smoker is aware of how easy it is to lose necessary smoking accessories. This is undoubtedly extremely irritating. It can be challenging to locate random glass pipes, grinders, and even lighters. Situations of crisis call for equally frantic steps.

Fortunately, there are several approaches you might try to resolve your specific problems. These tips can help you survive any difficult situation. In essence, you can use regular products that you already have lying around in your home in place of your usual materials. As an online smoke shop, Smoke Zone has acquired expertise in all things smoky. In this weekly blog, we have shared some improvisation tips with our preferred household items that can be used for all your sudden smoking requirements.

Item #1: Pile of Paper Clips

Resin tends to collect inside the glass bong or pipe shortly after you use it a few times. If you are currently engaged in smoking, then taking a break to stop is not an option. In such situations, a pile of paper clips comes in very handy. The accumulated resin inside the glass pipe and carb can be easily removed with the tip of a paper clip, which lets the air flow return to normal.

Item #2: White Vinegar

Although rubbing alcohol is excellent for melting down the resin, it cannot entirely eliminate all the stains that develop inside a bong. The most common and effective household item for removing these water stains formed after regular use is white vinegar. This is applicable for cleaning both the outside and inside of the bong.

Item #3: A Pair of Scissors

It can be an exhausting task to crush the herbs into tiny bits without a grinder. Undoubtedly, you can make significant progress by breaking down the herbs with your bare hands. However, the best replacement for the grinder is a pair of scissors. Additionally, you can chop better when the blades are sharper.

Despite being a legitimate alternative, scissors cannot match the capabilities of a grinder. It obviously lacks the chamber to store the bigger bits of the herb.

Item #4: A Pair of Tweezers

Sometimes the smoking experience necessitates grabbing out your rolling papers to puff on a joint. What can you do if you have forgotten your roach clip somewhere? As simple as that, a pair of tweezers can easily work as a roach clip in an emergency. The size of the tweezers makes them perfect for grasping the joint and safeguarding your finger from getting burned.

Item #5: Mason Jars for Storing Herbs

Due to their airtight seal, mason jars are excellent for storing potent herbs. In actuality, you can completely discard the plastic bags and keep the herb in a mason jar instead, away from direct sunlight.

Item #6: Business Cards

A business card can be used to scrape herb residue and store it for future smoking. Furthermore, it serves as a makeshift filter for smoking joints.

Item #7: An Empty Toilet Paper Roll and Dryer Sheets

A toilet paper roll could end up being your lifeline if you're trying to cover up the smell of smoke. To create this "sploof," place a few (around four) dryer sheets inside the toilet paper roll. Then, drape another dryer sheet over the entire toilet paper roll and secure it with tape, a rubber band, or string. This improvised device will prevent the smell of smoke from engulfing your house.

Avid smokers should constantly search for DIY tricks and hacks to increase their knowledge and expertise. When you're in a critical situation, keep these suggestions in mind. And note that, though these tips will help you in emergencies, they are not a permanent replacement for the devices that are being replaced.

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