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Draw Cool Bong Hits With Glycerin Coils

Draw Cool Bong Hits With Glycerin Coils

Water serves as an effective filtration medium in your water pipe, and it also cools the smoke. But the cooling effect isn’t sufficient if you prefer cold hits. Besides, the water gets warmer as you draw more clouds. Many people use ice to cool bong smoke. You may have considered ice trays, too.

No matter how you use ice, it will melt and your bong will have excess water. That’s certainly not pleasant. You don’t want water splashing to your mouth when you draw the smoke. Such issues can be a thing of the past if you have glycerin coils for your bong.

What Are Glycerin Coils?

Glycerin coils are tubes containing glycerol. You are probably familiar with vegetable glycerin if you have smoked hookah and tried a few shisha tobacco flavors. Most shisha tobacco flavors contain glycerin to keep the stuff moist and juicy.

Vegetable glycerin is obtained from many natural sources, such as coconut, palm, and soy oils. The triglyceride-rich vegetable fats are heated and processed under pressure. The treatment splits the glycerin from fatty acids. The extract is mixed with water to form a syrupy liquid or gel. 

Glycerin is odorless, so it won’t alter the smoke in your bong. The glycerin coils available today are usually colored because manufacturers add dye to make them look distinct and appealing. But the real reason why glycerin coils are used is the material’s ability to freeze quickly.

90% concentrated glycerin freezes at 29 °F (-1.7 °C), so it is slower than water turning into ice. However, 95% concentrated glycerin freezes at 46 °F (7.8 °C). And 98.2% concentrated glycerin freezes at 56 °F (13.3 °C). Thus, glycerin coils freeze much faster than water.

Furthermore, glycerin coils stay frozen and cold much longer than ice. Normal ice melts as soon as it is out of the freezer. A few hits from your bong and most of the ice will melt completely due to the heat. In contrast, glycerin coils won’t melt as quickly or messily.

Glycerin is contained within the coils, so there’s no melting water or other material to create a mess in your bong. Imagine a 95% concentrated glycerin coil staying frozen at 56 °F (13.3 °C), and you might visualize how effectively it can cool your bong hits.

How To Use Glycerin Coils

You can use glycerin coils as an add-on. Even if a bong comes with glycerin coils, these parts are usually removable. You cannot freeze an entire bong because the glass base and stem may break. So, manufacturers make these glycerin coils like an adapter for the neck of your bong.

You need to freeze the glycerin coils, take one out when you want to use your bong, and slide it into the beaker or whatever shape the design has. Using glycerin coils isn’t too different from ice trays, ash catchers, and percolators.

But not all glycerin coils serve as an additional percolator. A few designs allow smoke to pass through the glycerin coils, in which case your bong hits will be cold and filtered through another perc. Otherwise, glycerin coils will only cool your smoke and not filter it or have any such effect.

Dyed glycerin coils also enhance the aesthetics of bongs. These coils may be blue, green, etc. If you have a bong made of transparent glass, the visible dyed coils will stand out and add a bit to the charm of your session.

Glycerin coils deliver cold bong hits without any ice melting and adding water to your base. You don’t have to deal with unpleasant splashes. When you are done, simply remove and clean the glycerin coils, and freeze them for another session.


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