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Dry Pipe vs. Water Pipe | An Assessment of Practical Pros and Cons

Dry Pipe vs. Water Pipe | An Assessment of Practical Pros and Cons

Smokers are spoilt for choice. There are more than twelve types of smoking pipes, each one with its fair share of pros and cons. The sheer number of options can be overwhelming, especially for beginners who don’t have the advantage of firsthand experience. Smoking pipes are broadly classified into two categories: dry and water.

Introduction to Dry Pipes and Water Pipes

Dry pipes are available in different forms. The most common variants are spoon pipes, chillums, one hitters, steam rollers, and specialty pipes, including the famous one used by Sherlock Holmes.

Water pipes are available in many forms too. There are bubblers, bongs, recycler bongs, dab rigs, zongs, beaker bongs, straight pipe bongs, carburetor bongs, and multi-chamber bongs. Hookah is the most popular water pipe in the world.

Fundamental Differences between Dry Pipe and Water Pipe

The nomenclature makes the principal difference apparent. Dry pipe does not use water as a medium of cooling or for filtration. Water pipe has a chamber or section to hold water, which cools and filters the smoke. Another noteworthy difference is the nature of heat used in these pipes. All dry pipes tend to use combustion. Water pipes usually have the provision of using convection.

When you load dry pipes with your chosen herb or tobacco, you literally light it and burn the material to smoke. Water pipes can use charcoals or other sources of energy to heat the herb or tobacco using convection. The method of heating or burning and the use of water as a natural coolant and filter make all the difference in your smoking experience.

Pros of Dry Pipes

Dry pipes are small, lightweight, portable, easy to use, and reasonably durable. The size and form of dry pipes make them quite discreet. You can smoke a dry pipe in public unless it is prohibited by local law. Using a water pipe on the go can raise many eyebrows. It is not practically convenient either.

Dry pipes tend to be more durable owing to the materials and build. The small size also helps as there are no major removable and attachable parts. The lack of many detachable components reduces the chances of the whole apparatus coming apart if you accidentally drop it.

Dry pipes are comparatively affordable. However, there are quite a few variants, particularly the specialty dry pipes, which can cost a substantial amount. You can use dry pipes for tobacco, herb, and cannabis, among other products. Dry pipes are not compatible with oils, concentrates, and waxes.

Cons of Dry Pipes

The most dissatisfying aspect of dry pipes is the smoking experience. It is not very different from smoking a cigarette. If you have to burn some herb or tobacco, then you may very well light a cigarette instead of buying a special pipe, loading the smoking material, and then cleaning the apparatus.

Dry pipes offer a harsh hit when compared to water pipes or hookahs, bongs, and bubblers. You cannot smoke shisha tobacco using dry pipes. There are other compositions of herbs and tobacco that are not compatible with dry pipes.

Water Pipes vs. Dry Pipes

Bongs, bubblers, and hookahs offer a much superior smoking experience to dry pipes. Water pipes are not ideal if you wish to smoke on the go. Bongs tend to be more fragile than dry pipes. Bubblers are more durable than bongs. Water pipes can be cleaned thoroughly. They have detachable parts, so you can replace some of the components. Many water pipes come with universal features allowing you to upgrade one of the parts while retaining the rest of the apparatus.

Bubblers are a midway between dry pipes and water pipes. Unlike bongs and hookahs, bubblers can be used on the go. They are compact, lighter, portable, and somewhat discreet. Bubblers have fewer or no detachable parts. The materials are less vulnerable than the glass in bongs.

If you are looking for an amazing smoking experience at home, then you should consider water pipes. You may opt for a hookah, a bong, or a bubbler. If you want a similar smoking experience on the move, then a bubbler is a practical choice.

If you want a dry pipe to smoke anywhere and at any time, then you can buy one. However, it will never offer you the quality of smoke, flavor and texture that you can draw from a water pipe. Both dry and water pipes have plenty of variants, so you have options galore.

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