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Everything You Need To Know About Beaker Bongs

Everything You Need To Know About Beaker Bongs

A quick glimpse of a substantial inventory and you will come across several types of bongs. These can be classified as per their design or form and function, as well as the material they are made of. The marketplace is flooded with straight tubes, percolators, round based designs, multi-chamber bongs, recyclers, bubblers, zongs, and dab rigs. These bongs are largely made of glass, silicone, acrylic, ceramic, or metal. Wood and bamboo are used in some designs. Among all these variants, whether design, form and function or the principal material, the most popular type is the beaker bong.

Introduction to Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs are so named because of their design, or structure. Those who have taken chemistry in middle or high school and have visited a laboratory would know what a beaker is. It is a cylindrical container with a tiny beak on the rim. Beaker bongs are not exact replicas of that essential item in a chemistry lab. A beaker bong is usually a combination of the base of a beaker and a cylindrical straight tube. So, what you get is kind of a combination of a beaker, flask, and tube. The result is one of the sturdiest glass bongs you can get your hands on.

Features of a Beaker Bong

The features of beaker bongs are similar to other types, but it is the form or structure that makes all the difference. A beaker bong has a bowl, a stem, a base, a tube, and a mouth tip. Depending on the brand and a particular design, beaker bongs may have a percolator as well. The most significant feature of a beaker bong is the relatively larger base.

The base of a beaker bong is wider than that of most other variants. This enables a smoker to use more water. Sufficient quantity of water can cool down smoke faster and more effectively. More water also means the beaker bong is better at filtering the smoke. Thus, a beaker bong offers cooler and cleaner smoke.

The broader base also makes a beaker bong more stable. Tinier and slimmer designs tend to be unstable, especially if a smoker is not being meticulous all the time. Glass bongs are more often than not destroyed due to accidental tipping over, falling, or clashing with other hard objects.

Like other glass bongs, a beaker design comes in different sizes, and with additional features. Many designs have a percolator. A beaker bong serves as a better filtrating system than most other designs without percolators because of the broader base with more water. If a beaker bong has a percolator, then it is simply the most effective system you can have.

Advantages of Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs prioritize function over design. There are many companies designing and manufacturing fancy bongs. Such products may look appealing and can be a prized possession for many. However, if these do not offer a quality smoking experience, then the fancy features don’t really amount to anything.

A beaker bong is meant to deliver a topnotch smoking experience, and that it does without much effort of the smoker. It is immensely easy to get started with beaker bongs. No special training or getting familiar with is necessary. Beginners and veterans, both find a beaker bong to be better than other designs.

Beaker bongs are more stable. Their construction is sturdier. Hence, they are more durable than other designs. There are varying sizes so one can choose a particular model depending on their needs. Cleaning and maintaining a beaker bong is uncomplicated. The broad base can be cleaned quickly and without a sweat. The stem or the tube also requires a simple cleaning routine. Since there are no complex systems inside, you do not have to deal with time consuming disassembling and reassembling.

How to Choose a Beaker Bong

Beaker bongs are usually made of borosilicate glass. However, the quality of glass varies. Choose a brand that is known for the sturdiest of glasses. If the glass is fragile, then even the broad base will be ineffective at making the bong reliably durable.

Prioritize the quality of the glass, then focus on the size so it caters to your needs, and finally decide if you want a percolator. A beaker bong with a percolator is an impeccable choice, but it does cost a little more than ordinary designs. Also, the more reliable its glass is, the higher shall be the price of a beaker bong.

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