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Everything You Need To Know About Bubblers

Everything You Need To Know About Bubblers

Bubblers have become increasingly popular among water pipe enthusiasts, especially those in love with the more conventional bongs. But bubblers aren’t bongs, albeit there are similarities. If you are wondering what bubblers actually are, and how they are different from bongs, read on.

Bubblers Are Smaller Than Bongs

Bongs are water pipes, mostly made of borosilicate glass. Bubblers are also glass water pipes but they are much smaller than bongs. The size difference is evident in all the sections, as the components are smaller.

For instance, the glass base serving as the water chamber in a bong is much larger than the same component in a bubbler. The bowl and down stem are also smaller, and so are the neck and mouthpiece. Bubblers also have an additional feature. Unlike bongs, bubblers have a carb.

This difference in sizes offers distinct smoking experiences. Your bong sesh is likely to deliver a much smoother hit every time due to more water in the chamber and better filtration as a result. The larger down stem and neck also facilitate better cooling as smoke lingers longer in a bong.

However, the small sizes of bubblers don’t imply that you will get a raw hit. Bubblers are water pipes, so your clouds won’t be as raw or strong as a dry piece. Besides, you can always control the quantity of herb for each round, regulate the airflow through the carb, and manage the puffs.

You can let more smoke build up inside a bubbler, allow it to cool down, or let more air flow in so that you can draw just the kind of flavor, intensity, and texture you like.

Bubblers Are Portable, Bongs Aren’t

The most significant advantage of a bubbler is its portability, which is also the main reason for its soaring popularity. You are probably familiar with different types of bongs, none of which is easy to carry around. If you want to sesh on the go, you have to consider bubblers.

That said, bubblers aren’t of the same size. Both bongs and bubblers have various designs and shapes, thus sizes. But most bubblers are light and small enough to carry in a convenient bag or case, if not in your pocket. Some bubblers will fit in your pocket, and most are palm sized.

The very reason for bubblers’ existence is its utility on the go. If a bubbler isn’t portable, then it is really a futile option since you can fall back on your favorite bong. Most people love to enjoy their bongs at home and carry a bubbler for the road, vacations, and more. 

Bubblers Are Slightly More Durable

Bubblers are known for their discreteness and portability, especially when they are compared to bongs. But there’s one more significant difference. The glass used for bubblers is slightly more durable than those found in bongs. However, I am not suggesting that a bubbler is unbreakable.

The glass is a bit denser primarily due to the small size. If bongs were made of such denser or heavier glass, the overall weight increase will probably not appeal to some or many smokers. A bong is not the easiest smoking device to wield, so a heavier variety might be more unwieldy.

Some Bubblers Have Percolators

You may be familiar with percolators in bongs. Expensive bongs tend to have more than one for effective and efficient filtering and cooling of the smoke. Unlike bongs, basic bubblers don’t have a percolator. Even the simplest bongs don’t have percolators, for that matter.

However, some bubblers have percolators. These percolators may be glass rods, tubes, or any simple alignment to improve the cooling and filtration. But the percolators aren’t as sophisticated as those found in bongs, such as honeycomb and other complex patterns.

Bubblers with percolators deliver smoother hits than those without such a feature. Still, bongs will offer even better hits. This reality boils down to the fundamental size difference between the two popular water pipes.

Bubblers Aren’t as Easy to Clean

Last but not least, bubblers are often a one-piece unit with non-removable components. Take the mouthpiece, for example. Most bongs nowadays have a removable mouthpiece. Bubblers have a fixed mouthpiece. Similarly, bongs are usually customizable, but bubblers are not.

While you may not need customization for a portable bubbler to smoke on the go, the fixed or one-piece design poses one challenge that is not as much of an issue with bongs. Bubblers can get dirty sooner, primarily due to the smaller size. Plus, the fixed parts aren’t easy to clean.

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