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Everything You Need To Know About Recycler Dab Rigs

Everything You Need To Know About Recycler Dab Rigs

The growing popularity of dabbing has ushered in several innovations in recent years. Not only do we have a variety of materials and designs to choose from, the fundamental functions of dab rigs have undergone significant evolution. 

One of these innovations or rather evolutions is the recycler dab rig. So, once you have figured out if you want a titanium or quartz nail, and whether or not you prefer a carb cap, you have to decide among the various types of dab rigs. Thus, let’s explore what a recycler dab rig really is. 

What Is a Recycler Dab Rig?

A recycler dab rig is essentially a multi-chambered percolator variant of the standard style. You are probably familiar with the typical dab rigs, including nails, carb caps, water chamber, stem, mouthpiece, dabber or tool, and torch. So, you may know that dab rigs don’t have percolators. 

However, a dab rig can have a percolator, much like bongs having the extra feature. Still, a dab rig with a percolator isn’t exactly a recycler. A percolator tends to produce a bubbling effect in a water chamber where additional filtration takes place. In the case of a recycler dab rig, this extra filtration takes place in another chamber, which is basically a loop within the apparatus.

A normal dab rig passes the vapor from the nail to the water chamber. The vapor or smoke gets filtered by the water and fills up the stem. Finally, you draw delightful puffs from the mouthpiece. This entire process gets one more step between the mouthpiece and the water chamber. 

There is a loop-like structure above the water chamber that filters the vapor further than typical dab rigs. So, you heat the nail and place the concentrate, wax, or oil. The vapor passes down to the water chamber. The smoke-filled water circulates to the loop inside the dab rig. This stage is where the smoke undergoes further filtration, and then the water stays below the splash guard.

When the smoke and water segregate in a recycler dab rig, the apparatus has effectively filtered the flavorful extract more than once and in two different chambers. Unlike water chambers with a percolator, a recycler dab rig has a loop that is separate from the base. Hence, a recycler dab rig serves the purpose of multiple percolators or a dual-chambered filtration system. 

Advantages of a Recycler Dab Rig

The most observable advantage of a recycler dab rig is the smoothness of the vapor. You will get much cleaner hits due to the additional filtration. Also, the smoke is significantly cooler than the vapor produced by a standard dab rig. These advantages rest upon the basic concept of a dual or double chambered filtration system. 

Furthermore, the loop inside a recycler dab rig prevents the smoke from getting stale, and the same feature serves as a splash guard. If you have smoke accumulating inside a dab rig, it can lose its texture and some flavor due to dissipation and drying. The two stages of filtration where the smoke is essentially reacting with the water keeps the flavors intact and textures fuller. 

In high-quality recycler dab rigs, the smoke doesn’t leave the loop or the second water filtration chamber unless you draw a puff. So, you draw the vapor as fresh as it can be, and also cleaner and smoother. 

Disadvantages of a Recycler Dab Rig

Recycler dab rigs have two probable disadvantages. I say probable because these aspects may not affect everyone in the same way. The first issue is obviously the cost. A typical dab rig costs much less than these recycler variants. 

However, this fact is applicable to almost everything you want to dry, whether bongs or hookahs. Recycler bongs cost more than the standard variants. Likewise, hookahs with diffusers cost a bit more than standard shisha kits. Similarly, recycler dab rigs have a slightly higher price tag.

The other concern is the potency of a flavor, including the texture and the quality of a hit. Not all concentrates, waxes, and oils have the same strengths. Some flavors are stronger while others have subtler effects. If you dab something that is relatively subtle, the extra filtration may further dilute the flavor, texture, or hit. Some waxes, concentrates, and oils don’t need to be smoother.

However, the fact that recycler dab rigs deliver cooler and cleaner vapors than the basic styles is indisputable. Therefore, the feasibility or necessity of a recycler dab rig boils down to the type of concentrate, wax, or oil you have. Also, your personal preference plays a vital role. 

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