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Five Personalized Steps to Choosing the Best Bong

Five Personalized Steps to Choosing the Best Bong

The best bong in the world may not be perfect for you. Every user has their personal preferences. There are some compulsions as well, such as affordability. All buyers must choose a bong depending on factors that are relevant to them, and not on the basis of the generic criteria relied upon by others. Here are five personalized steps to choosing the best bong.

Decide a Price Range

Very few people can afford to not have a preset budget. Most buyers have a stringent budget. Neither scenario is ideal. You should have a budget, but not an extremely low price in mind. You should decide a price range. If you are only looking at bongs priced below fifty bucks, then most of the quality pieces will be beyond your budget. You do not have to necessarily spend a thousand dollars for your first bong. However, do have a slightly flexible upper limit for your price range.

We recommend a budget ranging from under a hundred bucks up to five hundred dollars. This will enable you to have an uninhibited consideration and assessment of various types of bongs. If you are constantly worried about the price, then you will be distracted from the key features and the real reasons why you should or should not buy a particular bong of a given brand from a certain store.

Know your Compulsions

Those who live alone and do not need to hide their bong somewhere safe and discrete can choose any size and type. Those who have to put away their bong after every session, or need to use the device discretely cannot opt for the larger variants. The specific compulsions relevant to you must determine the size and type of bong you can consider.

There is also the practical element of where, when and how you intend to use a bong. Do you want portability? Can you have the bong just standing or lying somewhere inside your house? Do you intend to share the bong with your friends? These factors will influence the choice, especially size and capacity.

Prioritize your Preferences

The first two personalized criteria will already shortlist your options based on price, size or capacity and the ease of use, storage and portability. Now, you must prioritize your preferences. Do you want a simple bong with a straight tube? Do you prefer a round base? Do you want a beaker design?

There are many types of bongs out there. The variants come with single or multiple percolators, straight or bent necks, outlets for one or more users, and there are different materials to choose from. You can go for borosilicate glass, ceramic, or silicone. Always settle for the most durable glass for a bong.

Understand your Chores

Bongs must be taken care of, routinely cleaned and safely maintained. Glass, even if it is reasonably durable, can break. Ceramic and silicone bongs are not indestructible either. They can crack easily. You may have to clean a bong after every session, or you may put it off for a few days. This should have a bearing on your choice.

Some bongs, usually the simpler designs, can be cleaned almost effortlessly. Complicated designs, especially those that boast of scientific features, can be demanding when you have to disassemble all parts and attend to each one with utmost care.

Buyers don’t have to decide in favor of outright simple bongs. Complex designs offer superior user experience. The important factor here is that you must understand your chores and be willing to put in the effort as well as time into cleaning and upkeep of your prized bong.

Brand and Store

Do not buy a bong made by a company you have never heard of. Do not buy a bong from any store that does not have an absolutely impeccable reputation. There are quite a few manufacturers whose bongs break in the very first session. There are stores that do not sell quality bongs and their return policy is not favorable for buyers.

You can either choose a store or decide in favor of a brand and then find the right shop. Realistically, you should do both simultaneously. Zero in on a store that has the brands you want to consider. Then start comparing all the bongs that satisfy the first four personalized criteria we have listed.

This comprehensive approach shall help you to find the perfect bong without compromising on price, type, user experience, ease of upkeep, and durability.

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