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Heady Glass vs. Scientific Glass: Which One Should You Choose?

Heady Glass vs. Scientific Glass: Which One Should You Choose?

Both heady glass and scientific glass enjoy phenomenal popularity among bong and dab rig users. The realm of glass water pipes has innumerable varieties. However, you can classify almost all of them into two distinct categories: heady glass and scientific glass. 

What is Heady Glass?

Heady glass is so named because of its cognizable headiness. Water pipes labeled as heady glass tend to be beautiful pieces, usually sporting unique designs and wonderful colors. If you are looking at a pipe, bong, or dab rig that looks astonishing, it is most likely made of heady glass. 

The aesthetics of heady glass pipes is limited to the imagination, creativity, and skills of the designer, glassblower, and other craftspeople involved in the making. Heady glass is not mass-produced through manufacturing assembly lines. Instead, glassblowers weave their magic in myriad ways to create a work of art.

Heady glass may or may not contain other materials, but some ambitiously creative designers are already experimenting with natural stones and other inclusions to further enhance the visual aesthetics of heady glass pipes. 

While heady glass is unmistakably pretty, the pipe is expectedly functional. If you are wondering about the reliability or practical uses of heady glass, don’t worry because all premium-quality pipes are tested for full functionality. 

What is Scientific Glass?

Scientific glass is essentially borosilicate glass. The name is derived directly from the original intended purposes of borosilicate glass, which are scientific experiments, practical applications, and various types of heat-intensive processes. 

As the name implies, you can expect scientific glass to be genuinely functional, reliably durable, and a safe material to use in all reasonable circumstances. Unlike heady glass, scientific glass pipes don’t feature any unique shape, visual design, or such aesthetic elements. 

However, scientific glass pipes have the best in class features for all essential components. You may get the conventional beaker and tube form, but the utility of the pipe, bong, or dab rig is never in doubt. 

Heady glass is relatively new so it is still evolving. Scientific glass undergoes tectonic developments and updates, too. Yet, the basics or the scientific elements, such as characteristics of borosilicate glass, remain the same. 

Heady Glass vs. Scientific Glass | Pros and Cons

Let’s do a head-to-head comparison of the pros and cons of heady glass and scientific glass.

  • Heady glass pipes are usually expensive. Scientific glass is generally affordable.
  • Heady glass looks amazing. Scientific glass looks mundane, somewhat uninteresting.
  • Heady glass is difficult to clean and maintain, whereas scientific glass is a breeze.
  • Heady glass is beautiful and functional. Scientific glass is more functional but not pretty. 
  • Heady glass doesn’t match the clean and cool hits delivered by scientific glass pipes.
  • Heady glass is not modular. Scientific glass water pipes may have replaceable parts. 
  • Heady glass is relatively more durable unless you get thick borosilicate scientific glass. 
  • Your heady glass pipe could be someone’s envy. Scientific glass is not that alluring. 

Should You Choose Heady Glass or Scientific Glass?

Heady glass cannot be as functional as scientific glass water pipes. The percolators in scientific glass water pipes offer unmatched filtration. Hence, the smoke is cleaner, smoother, cooler, and healthier. Besides, the time-tested form assures flawless functionality. 

On the flip side, scientific glass does not have the show stopping aesthetic features of heady glass. A heady glass water pipe is a conversation starter. A fascinating bong or dab rig can be the centerpiece on your desk or even in an entire room.  

All comparisons aside, both heady glass and scientific glass are expectedly functional. Heady glass is not unusable. Scientific glass does not look unpleasant. 

  • The Decisive Criterion: Cost

  • Choosing between heady glass and scientific glass isn’t necessarily complicated. Go for a heady glass water pipe if you want functionality and uniqueness. Go for scientific glass if you want impeccable functionality. You will find some well-designed scientific glass pipes, too.

    One decisive criterion that may influence your choice is the cost. Heady glass pipes are invariably more expensive. The uniqueness, skilled glassblowing, and fantastic aesthetics come at a cost. 

    Scientific glass is reasonably priced, so you may get one if you are unsure of the settings where you will be using the pipe, and the chances of keeping the pipe in one piece.  

  • The Practical Criteria: Cleaning and Maintenance

  • These two criteria are a bit of a mixed bag. Scientific glass is transparent. Some water pipes may have a color or two. Regardless of the specific design and color, scientific glass water pipes may look unclean even if it is slightly dirty. 

    The unique design contours, complex shapes, and rich colors of heady glass water pipes conceal the signs of dirt. In effect, you may not readily know if a heady glass bong is unclean. You may continue to use a dirty heady glass bong if you are not observant. 

    The decision eventually rests on affordability, functionality, convenience, and personal preference, of course.  

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