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How To Build a Dab Rig on a Budget

How To Build a Dab Rig on a Budget

All smoking devices, pipes, or rigs using a water chamber are available in a vast price range. Of course, the expensive bongs, dab rigs, and hookahs are better, fancier, and sturdier. However, it is not necessary for you to spend a lot of money to get started, especially if you are a beginner.

Like bongs and hookahs, dab rigs can be affordable or expensive. You can build a dab rig on a budget, provided you select the appropriate components or buy a reasonably priced set. There are different ways to build a dab rig on a budget. Here are a few viable options you have:

Select an Inexpensive Dab Rig

The easiest way to build a dab rig on a budget is buying an inexpensive set. You don’t have to buy the parts separately and wonder about whether or not the components will be compatible. You will find many inexpensive dab rigs at Smoke Zone that are of reliable quality.

An inexpensive dab rig is unlikely to have the finest materials. For instance, you may have to go for glass instead of ceramic or quartz. A titanium dab nail is obviously an expensive proposition, so an affordable set will feature glass parts in most cases.

Ceramic and quartz dab nails are costlier than glass but not as expensive as titanium. A quartz dab nail heats faster, which is why experienced dabbers prefer it over ceramic. But if the prices aren’t a deal-breaker, both ceramic and quartz can work fine for most concentrates.

Suppose you want one of the cheapest dab rigs. In such a scenario, you will have to settle for glass. A mid-range dab rig can have a ceramic or quartz nail. Titanium dab nails won’t feature in any budget rig, whether you build one or buy a full set.

Also, inexpensive dab rigs are likely to be smaller, but the relatively limited capacity won’t impair your experience. In any case, beginners should master their dabbing skills before heating a lot of concentrate in one go. You don’t want to waste costly concentrates vaporizing into thin air.

Having laid out the caveats, let me shed some light on the prices of dab rigs that you can find on a budget. The most affordable dab rigs of reliable quality are priced a tad under $50. Do not look for dab rigs priced under $30 or so because they may not be durable or safe.

The $50 to $100 price range may not be deemed as a budget dab rig by many users. However, this range brings forth a plethora of options. Anything priced over $100 can wait until you are familiar with dab rigs and become deft in dabbing.

Convert a Bong Into a Dab Rig

Suppose you don’t want to spend $50 or somewhere close to get a dab rig. In such a case, you can convert a bong into a dab rig by buying a nail and an adapter, if necessary. You can’t use all sizes or types of bongs to build a dab rig. You need a small bong with fewer or no percolators.

Dab rigs can’t have too many percolators because they will dilute or influence the vapor quality adversely, whether it is the flavor or texture. Also, a large bong will excessively cool the vapor from any concentrates or oils, or sooner than desirable, which might affect your experience.

Some bongs have suitable connectors for dab nails to fit without any adapter. Most bongs have down stems with a male port. Dab nails also have male ports. However, you should verify if your bong has a male or female connector or port where you will fit a dab nail.

Plus, you should check the size of this port. The adapter becomes necessary if your bong’s port won’t fit the dab nail you may find at a desired budget. Regardless of the need of an adapter, a dab nail fitted to a bong is an inexpensive way to build a rig on a budget.

You will still need a butane torch and a carb cap to complete the set. Carb caps for bong bowls are unlikely to fit dab nails. Also, normal lighters won’t work on dab rigs. You can burn dry herbs in a bong with a matchstick, too. Dab nails and concentrates need much higher temperatures.

Converting a bong into a dab rig isn’t an irreversible process. You can continue to use the bong bowl for dry herbs and the dab nail for concentrates. But you should match the materials unless you use a suitable adapter. If you have a glass bong base and downstem, get a glass dab nail. 

Buy Cheap Parts for a Dab Rig

Last but not least, you can buy cheap parts for a dab rig and build one on a budget. Almost all dab rig components are available as standalone parts you can purchase and fit together if every piece is compatible. Match the male/female ports and dimensions. You may use adapters, too.

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