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How to Choose between a Bong and a Bubbler?

How to Choose between a Bong and a Bubbler?

There are more than a dozen types of water pipes. If we factor in the scores of individual styles and design elements of various brands, then the options galore are equally fascinating and overwhelming. The sheer variety out there can make anyone indecisive, especially beginners who do not have the benefit of firsthand experience.

Two popular types of

water pipes are bong and bubbler. You may have heard of either or both. Despite the two being similar in many ways, there are distinct features and the smoking experience is not even remotely identical. Let us compare the bongs and bubblers so you can choose the right device.

Bong vs. Bubbler | Similarities

Both bongs and bubblers are used to smoke tobacco, cannabis, herbs, and other similar materials. They use water as a natural filter and coolant. You have to light the substance you wish to smoke, let sufficient smoke accumulate in the chamber, get filtered and cooled down through the water, and then you draw a satiating puff.

Bongs and bubblers come in varying sizes, forms, and designs. There are innumerable designs out there. While most bongs and bubblers are made from glass, other materials are being widely used by many manufacturers. Glass continues to be the most preferred material.

Bongs and bubblers aren’t particularly costly unless you opt for one of the high-end pieces. Both bongs and bubblers can be durable if you take good care. They could be equally fragile if you are not meticulous while handling, using, cleaning, and storing.

Bong vs. Bubbler | Differences

The first major difference is size. Bongs are much larger than bubblers. It would not be totally inaccurate to say that bubblers are miniature bongs. There are some mini bongs too but they tend to be larger than the average bubbler. The largest bong available in the market today is twenty four feet long.

The size of a bong, not just the length of the largest but in general, makes it quite hard to carry. Bubblers are portable. If you intend to travel with a water pipe, then a bubbler is a practical option. If you plan to smoke at home or a fixed place, then you can consider a bong.

Bongs are larger, so naturally they have more space to accommodate special features. A bong may have more than one chamber for filtration. There could be a water chamber, and a percolator. The stem or pipe is usually longer. Hence, it can hold more smoke than the capacity of a bubbler. A percolator makes the smoke lighter and cleaner. Bubblers rarely have percolators.

A bubbler is unlikely to have removable parts. It is also unlikely to facilitate any kind of add-on. The fixed parts are what you get. In contrast, a bong has one or more removable parts. You can change the bowl, stem, percolator, and in some models, the base too. The removable parts make it easier for you to clean and maintain the pieces.

Given the overall size, quantum of smoke, filtration and cooling abilities, and the capacity of the bowl, bongs can be used by more than one person at a time. Larger bongs can be shared by many people. Bubblers are mostly suitable for a single user at a time. Also, there is little to customize in a bubbler. A bong can have add-ons, such as nails, percolators, and other accessories.

How to Choose between a Bong and a Bubbler?

The choice should boil down to what you need. Single users looking for a smoke on the go should opt for bubblers. Those who plan to host their friends and have a long session should not consider bubblers. Anyone who is looking for cleaner and cooler smoke should go for bongs. A percolator is an effective filter, the water chamber is larger, and you may add ice for cooler smoke.

Bubblers tend to get dirty sooner due to their limited size. However, this reality does not imply that bongs can be used without frequent cleaning. Getting rid of the dirty water is only the first and most obvious requirement. Both bongs and bubblers need gentle but thorough cleaning, sooner than later.

Bubblers tend to cost less, but there are fancy designs and better materials that can take the price as high as those of some standard bongs. The smoking experience is better with bongs than bubblers. If you want to own something smaller and portable, go for bubblers. If you want a rich smoking experience, go for bongs.

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