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How to Decide which Vaporizer is Best for You

How to Decide which Vaporizer is Best for You

Choosing a vaporizer does not have to be a difficult exercise. You have to classify all available types of vaporizers as per your requirement, compare the essential features on the basis of your preference, check your budget and make a decision. Let us quickly guide you to find the most appropriate vaporizer for your next session.

  • The first step is to decide the type of substance you wish to vape. You may prefer concentrates, or buds. You may prefer oils, or isolates. There are different kinds of cartridges available as well. This decision will determine the type of vaporizer you need. Very few vaporizers are compatible with more than one type of material, or cartridge. These are usually quite expensive.
  • The second step is to choose the form of heating, not the source but the technology. Most vaporizers can be classified as either conduction or convection. Both are ways heat is transferred from the source to an object, and then to the subject via a given medium. Conduction is a direct process of heat transfer. Vaporizers using conduction will have the herbs, buds, concentrates or oils in direct contact with heat. This may lead to effective and efficient warming up in a short span of time, but there is a risk of burning the vaping material, which can lead to a smoky and choky session. Convection is an indirect process of heat transfer, wherein warmed or hot air is circulated through and all around the vaping material. Convection is considered better by most, but vaporizers using this form of heat transfer are also more expensive than the ones using conduction.
The third step is to make a shortlist of the essential features you want in your vaporizer. One of the most important of these is temperature control. These features and your vaping preference will ultimately lead you to three types of vaporizers: vape pens, handheld vapes, and desktop vapes. Each has its own set of advantages, and disadvantages. All your choices till now along with the budget would lead you to the most suitable vaporizer for you.
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