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How To Keep Your Bong Safe

How To Keep Your Bong Safe

Most people try a few bongs before they find the right one. But once you have a favorite bong, it is a prized possession. You want to use it as long as possible. However, bongs are delicate, and they can break if you aren’t cautious almost all the time. So, how do you keep your bong safe?

Assemble Your Bong Before Use, and Disassemble After Every Session

Bongs with detachable parts should be assembled and disassembled based on usage and how you keep them. For instance, you should remove the bowl and downstem after completing a full session. Don’t keep your bong out in the open with the bowl or downstem attached to the base.

There are bongs (water pipes)with fixed attachments, such as downstems and percolators. These parts are integral to those types of bongs. But a removable component isn’t as secure. Detachable stems or downstems can cause problems if there’s grime buildup. 

Also, you may accidentally break the bong while trying to casually remove a downstem. The small bowls may fall off when you move a bong. Like the bongs, the downstems and bowls you have are also probably glass. So, they are equally vulnerable to breaking or incidental damage.

Always Support the Base When Handling, Moving, or Passing Your Bong

Assemble a bong or its downstem and bowl when you want to use it. Disassemble these parts if you are done with a session. And whenever you handle the bong in its entirety, provide sufficient support for the base, whether you are moving it to another place or passing it to your friends.

You can always hold a bong under its base and use the other hand to hold another part, such as the bowl or downstem when you are smoking. But do not hold a bong by its neck or another part that isn’t the larger and wider base.

Holding a bong by its base makes you conscious of the whole form, so you won’t inadvertently keep it down with a thrust. Grabbing a bong by its neck or other parts may lead you to knock it against a table or any hard surface as you handle, move, or pass the rig. Besides, holding the base will always minimize the risk of a bong slipping from your hands and inevitably breaking.

Buy a Reliable Carry Case if You Want to Take Your Bong Somewhere

You must never carry a glass bong in a normal bag. You should get a reliable carry case with sufficient cushioning or padding inside. Also, you must not carry a bong with removable parts attached. Disassemble all the detachable components and pack them separately.

Glass parts shouldn’t strike against one another in transit. Your bong or its components might develop fine cracks and other damages if you are not careful about how you carry them.

Drain the Residual Water and Clean Your Bong After a Complete Session

Getting rid of dirty water and cleaning your bong is a prerequisite for your personal safety, as in health. But cleaning has an implication for protecting a bong or preventing misadventures, too.

A squeaky clean bong is unlikely to have grimy residue anywhere. Grime and other moist debris may lead to inadvertent slips. Also, fitting every removable part becomes easy if they don’t have any gunky buildup. You don’t want to fight with downstems, bowls, or how they fit into a bong. 

Store Your Bong, or Display It in a Safe, Secluded, or Specialized Space

You should store your bong in a safe place. Putting up a bong in an open space for display or any other purpose is an unwise practice. Glass fixtures should always be kept away from any area that has people indulging in various activities or simply sitting and walking around.

If you must keep your bong on display in a room, keep it in a secluded or specialized space. For instance, you may keep a bong on an open shelf, provided there is a protective guard or trim at the edges. You may keep a bong in a corner that isn’t frequented by people up close.

Proactive measures can help you to keep your bong safe. If you aren’t sure that your bongs are safe in the open, pack and store them in a cabinet. 

Get a Better Bong With Thicker Glass and Wider Base, or Switch to Silicone

Last but not least, if you are uncertain whether or not you can keep a glass bong safe, consider a silicone one. Alternatively, go for a bong with a wider base and thicker glass. There are bongs with scientific glass. Such models, including tempered glass, are sturdier than the typical bongs.

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