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How to Measure Size and Gender of Your Bong Joint

How to Measure Size and Gender of Your Bong Joint

When purchasing a new bong or bong bowl, it is critical to understand the joint size and gender. Even though most of the dab rigs and bongs come with their respective dab nails and bowls, someday you may need to buy a new one to upgrade your setup. This is where your knowledge of how to recognize joint size and gender to make them match becomes essential. We have put together a simple bong joint size gender guide for reference purposes in this blog post. Today we will guide you on how to estimate the size of your joint or bowl.

Male Joints vs. Female Joints

When choosing the proper component to purchase, the joint gender is the first and most crucial thing that you should know. Every piece of the bong, whether it is a bong, bowl, nail, ash catcher, adapter, dropdown, or any other bong piece, has a gender. It is either male or female. The only thing you need to understand is that male parts fit into female joints, and female pieces go on top of the male joints. If your bong has a female joint, you must purchase a bowl or dab nail with a male joint, and the other way around.

How Do You Recognize the Gender of the Bong Joint?

If your bong joint is male, it will utilize female attachments of the same size. If your bong joint is female, it relies on male accessories of the same size.

Joint Size

Apart from the gender of your bong joint, you also need to determine the size of the joint of your dab rig or bong before you go out and get a new bong bowl or nail. The bong joint size generally ranges between 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. The most prevalent joint size is 14mm, while 10mm joints are relatively rare, and 18mm joints are often found specifically on the largest-sized bongs. Don't get tricked if you overhear someone saying 14.5mm or 18.8mm joints; these are precisely the same as 14mm and 18mm joints.

10mm Joint

10mm joints,also known as nano or micro joints, are typically seen only on pendant rigs or tiny dab rigs built for maximum portability. Being so small, they are easy to recognize.

14mm Joint

The joints with a 14-mm size are most common and found on nearly every small to medium-sized bong and dab rig. With a dime, you can determine if your joint is 14mm. If the dime and the bong joint are the same size, then it is 14mm. If a dime fits into the joint, then it is 18mm; if the joint is considerably smaller than a dime, the joint is 10mm.

18mm Joint

The 18mm joint, which is another common joint size, is typically seen on larger bongs only. Since the part is far bigger, this is intended to promote airflow. If a dime slips inside your joint, it's an 18mm joint.

How Do You Measure the Size of the Female Bong Joint Using a Dime?

This is the simplest and fastest method for figuring out the size of your female bong joint. Nearly all bongs and dab rigs are only accessible in two sizes: 14mm and 18mm. If the dime falls into the joint, it is likely to be an 18-mm joint. If the dime comes to the top of the joint, then it is a 14-mm joint. The simplest way to measure your bong joint and calculate its size is to use a dime. A 14mm male bowl piece is almost three quarters the size of a dime, whereas an 18mm male bowl piece is approximately the whole size of a dime.

In brief, whichever gender joint you have, its components, bowls, and accessories will be of the opposing gender and the same size. However, if you mistakenly buy the wrong bong part, you can always make it work with an adapter. They are little pieces of glass that may adjust the joint size and gender of your dab rig or bong. However, we are certain that after following our bong joint size and gender manual, you are not going to make that error ever!

How to Measure the Size of Your Bong Bowl with a Dime?

Just take a dime to calculate the appropriate bowl size for your bong. If it's somewhere around the size of a dime, then it's 18 mm. If the dime is considerably bigger than the bowl, then it's 14 mm.

What if I Purchase the Wrong Size?

Nothing to worry about! You can ensure their flawless function by linking your bong and bowl with a glass adapter. These glass bong adapters are readily available in plenty of sizes and joint type combinations, so regardless of what size bong or bowl you own, you can still make it functional.

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