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Level Up Your Art of Dabbing: 5 Simple Tricks to Elevate Your Game

Level Up Your Art of Dabbing: 5 Simple Tricks to Elevate Your Game

Unless you have been lost in the Himalayas, you probably know that dabbing is currently sweeping the globe. As an online headshop, it goes without saying that we at SmokeZone are experts on dab rigs, dabbing, and dabs. If you want to learn how to dab or simply want to enhance your dabbing skills, continue reading this blog till the end.

What Do You Mean By Dabbing?

Dabbing is a modern way of devouring concentrated plant or herb extracts, frequently referred to as dabs. These extracts are generally viscous oils, such as wax, shatter, or budder. In the process of dabbing, the dabber warms the oil on a hot surface, commonly using a nail, and then takes in the vapor using a highly specialized tool known as a dab rig.

Now that you have caught up with the basics of dabbing, here are some practical ideas to make your dabbing experience more pleasurable. If you are just starting off, these tips will come in very handy. These tips are meant to increase your pleasure and make the whole experience more fun.

5 Simple Tricks to Elevate Your Art of Dabbing

Wear Gloves While Handling Dabs

Although it may look a bit too much, wearing gloves when handling dabs is highly recommended. Undoubtedly, dabs have amazing flavors, but they may be sticky and messy as well. The sliminess and stickiness of the wax can also pass to your fingers and capture dirt, hence infecting the dab when treated with your bare hands. When not wearing gloves, the bacteria from your hands may mix with the oil and cause dilution or infection. You can preserve your herbs untainted by pollutants and retain their quality by simply wearing gloves. This strategy helps preserve a clean and unadulterated dabbing experience.

Avoid Using Extremely High Temperatures

You may have stumbled upon many tales of awful dabbing experiences in the smoking and dabbing circles. As the trend keeps growing, people start playing around more, raising the possibility of failure, particularly for people new to it. The application of overly extreme temperatures is a typical cause of adverse outcomes.

Overheating a dab nail can cause the concentrates to combust, resulting in foul flavors and even pain in the chest. Furthermore, an intense flame may ruin the enticing, fragrant, and flavorful elements that make dabbing delightful and for which you invested.

To avert any of these scenarios, let the nail or banger cool down for a moment right after you heat it. To improve your overall dabbing experience and retain the envisioned flavors and impacts, you must practice excellent dabbing ethics and hygiene by keeping the temperature low. Remember that dabbing at a lower temperature can make it more exciting and fulfilling.

Make the Most of Your Dab Rig By Using a Carb Cap

A carb cap regulates the airflow to the dab nail and thus acts as a carburetor for your dab setup. You can optimally utilize your dab while enhancing your hit with a carb cap. When you cap the nail, the airflow is restricted, lowering the pressure within the rig and dropping the boiling temperature. This, consequently, allows you to bask in an invigorating and aromatic smoke inhalation, intensifying your overall dabbing experience.

Clean Your Dab Rig Regularly

Maintaining the cleanliness of your dabbing or smoking tools is extremely crucial for several reasons. Apart from hygiene and aesthetics, a clean dab setup also impacts the quality of your hits. By keeping your dabbing tool well-maintained and clean, you get to enjoy more powerful and flavorful dabs every time.

Moreover, regular cleaning of your dab rig makes it easier and hassle-free to clean in the future. There would be no accumulated debris, which only makes the cleaning more challenging and time-consuming in the long run. By regularly cleaning your rig, you can avoid the stress of cleaning stubborn buildups and enjoy more flavorful sessions.

Consider Using a Quartz Nail or Banger

Consider using a quartz nail or banger to boost the aroma and flavor of your dab rig. The quartz nails provide a very pure and pristine smoking experience, producing a better flavor. Additionally, they were found to be far stronger as compared with the glass nails.

In the end, SmokeZone is committed to giving useful insights to our smoking audience. We firmly recommend following the aforementioned five tips to guarantee a phenomenal dabbing experience and master an advanced understanding of dabbing. Continue to have fun with your smoking sessions and embrace the thrill of dabbing. SmokeZone will continue to share more insights with you in the future.

Keep Dabbing!

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