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Pro Tips To Use a Grinder Perfectly

Pro Tips To Use a Grinder Perfectly

A grinder is not an accessory. If you are working with weed or buds, you need a grinder. It is an essential tool. However, a grinder is not invincible. Nor are your buds of the pristinely perfect quality that you may prefer. So, you are going to have issues with your grinder in due course.


Good quality grinders should last years, if not decades. But the experience may not be ideal if you don’t maintain your grinder or use it in ways that are, let’s say, short of perfect. Therefore, you need a few pro tips to use a grinder perfectly to get the most out of it.

Never Overfill a Grinder

A grinder is a purely mechanical tool. The device isn’t complicated. There’s no powered element in it. The humble, manual grinder is not an automated or advanced tool.


The grinder can only work effectively if the teeth have sufficient space to move around without a lot of material clogging the thing. I know it is somewhat tedious to continuously reload a grinder for a fresh batch. But you should always use an optimum quantity if you want to grind effectively.


Overfilling a grinder will damage the teeth, and you will be shopping for another one sooner than later. Also, overfilling a grinder essentially reduces the ability of the teeth to cut and crush all the stuff you load. As a result, you may not have the finely ground buds or weeds that you love. 

Don’t Exert a Lot of Force

A grinder is an effective tool, so you shouldn’t have to use much force to work on your buds or weeds. However, not all grinders are made equal. Grinders with titanium teeth are much better than plastic. So, the quantum of force you need to apply will almost always vary.


Nonetheless, you shouldn’t exert a lot of force when grinding your stash. If the task is tedious, something is wrong. Perhaps, your grinder isn’t in an impeccable condition. One or more teeth are probably damaged. Or you may have a lot of buds in there. Else, there’s an obstruction.


Buds or weeds aren’t always of the quality that all of us want. There could be stems or particles preventing the grinder from functioning optimally. Also, sometimes a grinder is not properly fitted and you may have an issue with its basic performance. Check all these before being forceful. 

Flip the Grinder Upside Down

The pros know that turning a grinder upside down does wonders. If a grinder has a kief catcher or chamber, you may not think of flipping the tool. However, the upside down tactic works for all grinders, regardless of how many chambers they have and whether or not they collect kief.


This practice isn’t just a theory but rooted in reality. What you will effectively do is pile the buds or weeds up inside the grinder where the teeth are most effective. Also, the buds or weeds have nowhere to go except get crushed and turn into the fine material you need for your session. 

Always Utilize the Grinder Kief

Flipping a grinder upside down for a finer output does not negate the importance of the kief or the chamber. You should always try to use a grinder with a kief catcher or chamber because you can make the most of your stash that way. Otherwise, you’ll lose a lot of stuff and waste money.


Kief catchers or chambers are more important if you are only using buds. The buds are rich in the psychoactive compounds like THC. So, you don’t want to lose any bit of it in the grinding process. Every avid user accounts for kief reserves in subsequent sessions, and so should you.

Clean the Grinder Frequently

Cleaning a grinder frequently isn’t exactly a pro tip. You’re probably aware that a grinder works best when the chambers and all the teeth are immaculately clean. However, most people don’t remember to clean their grinders as routinely as they should. That’s where the problem begins.


Grinders with residual debris can overfill easily. Also, you have to put in more effort to grind a particular quantity if the teeth aren’t effective. Gunk or crud buildup on teeth is very common.


I’m not suggesting that you have to clean the grinder after every session. However, you should clean the tool at least once a week if you are a regular user. If there’s rigid material sticking onto the teeth, put the grinder in your freezer and let the weeds or buds turn dry, contract, and fall off.

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