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Seven Styles of Water Pipes and Their Best Benefits

Seven Styles of Water Pipes and Their Best Benefits

It is a common confusion that beginners face. Time and again, we have come across many queries regarding the different styles of water pipes and their benefits. Henceforth, we have dedicated this post to the top seven styles of water pipes and their benefits, so you can differentiate them by yourself and make the right choice while shopping for water pipes.


They are a little bigger than the standard hand pipes that are made of glass. Therefore, they are more portable and travel-friendly than the large water pipes and other rig variants. For this reason, they make the best medium between the hand pipes and bongs. Bubblers are appropriate for those looking for a compact smoking alternative that takes less storage space without giving up on the flattering hits of a bong.

Beaker Water Pipes

Such water pipes are also commonly recognized as the “beaker bongs” as they look very similar to the important laboratory apparatus. Traditionally, they got a broad base. They can more smoke than the narrow water pipes do. They are hard to knock over, so it is very safe to place them on the table. Small bumps will not shatter them to pieces. If you are seeking structural stability, then such water pipes with round bases and diverse shapes could be a great alternative to consider.

Percolator Water Pipes

Such bongs have two or multiple percolators that separate them from the simple water designs. Each of these percolators comes with multiple slits aiding effective smoke diffusion with every hit. Another benefit of Percolator Water Pipes is that they are mostly manufactured using scientific glass, so transparent. One can witness the smoke building up inside and accordingly gauge the size of the hit and enjoyment from an aesthetic perspective.

Faberge Egg Water Pipes

Did you know that once ornated Faberge Eggs were a staple in Russian Culture? They bumped into the stoner culture in this Faberge Egg Bong style. Generally, these water pipes have a tarnished egg-shaped percolator; however, at times, their whole shape appears like an egg. Faberge Egg Water Pipes perform well with other percolators, which offer more area for bubbles and smokers get extra silky-smooth hits to enjoy.

Recycler Water Pipes

Recycler Water Pipes is one such style that features multiple chambers – treating every hit through a percolator and a bigger water chamber before it gets to your lungs. Many of them have one chamber inside of another. Such design features boost the slickness of each hit with an efficient space.

Zig Zag Water Pipes

When it comes to beginners and vape shop patrons, Zig Zag Water Pipes happen to be a popular choice. Novice smokers find these bongs to have an interesting appeal. The structure at least has one sharp curve. While some Zig Zag Bongs have a single bend in their neck, others have more complex shapes. The curvature prevents the water in the base from migrating into smokers’ mouths. The Zig Zag Bongs stretch the route for the herb and offer remarkably smooth hits compared to many water pipes with straight constructions.

Water Pipes with Straight Tube

Arguably, these are the most traditional of all the water pipe options available. Such water pipes have the downstem submerged into the water that filters the smoke effectively. Because of their simple design and direct route between the herb and mouthpiece, they clear faster than other bong styles. Water Pipes that have longer pathways make the hits smoother; however, Straight Tube Water Pipes are impressively efficient, and each of their hits has some serious impact. Moreover, the water filtration and downstem combination allow better and smoother hits compared to the hand pipes.


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