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Simple Best Practices to Prevent your Bong from Breaking

Simple Best Practices to Prevent your Bong from Breaking

It takes a few trials and errors for anyone to find their favorite bong. There is no single design, size, or brand that suits everyone. As and when you know that a particular glass bong is your smoke-mate, the last thing you would want is for it to get damaged, or worse, completely broken. The worst feeling is to realize that you could have done something to prevent your favorite bong from breaking.

Glass bongs are not the sturdiest of objects, but they are durable. Adequate care and a few proactive measures can ensure your favorite bong will last a really long time. There are people who have successfully managed to keep their first ever bongs in immaculate condition. You can too.

Timely Cleaning is Necessary

The easiest and most common instance when a bong breaks is after it suffers a fall. People can inadvertently drop or trip over a bong and it will either break or develop cracks, some of which may be beyond repair. While such mistakes can happen to and by anyone, you can alleviate the risks or mitigate the chances of this happening if you choose to clean your bong frequently.

There are users who do not clean their glass bongs as frequently as they should. When a glass bong becomes really dirty, it tends to have rigid stains that are extremely hard to clean. You would need to put in a lot of effort and time to get rid of the resistant grime and residue buildup. A rigorous cleaning routine will exert more pressure on the material and it may crack or break.

Rigorous cleaning also involves more time. You will have to hold the glass bong over the sink and under the faucet for much longer than otherwise. The pressure of the water along with the long exposure to the sink and faucet, and the repetitive scrubs & wipes will increase the chances of your dropping the bong, albeit accidentally, or to strike it against hard surfaces while handling the pieces.

Timely cleaning is necessary, and also desirable. If you clean a glass bong after one or two sessions, there is barely much to get rid of. The cleaning exercise will be over before you know it. The bong will not have to be subjected to rigorous scrubs, wipes, and rinses, so there would be considerably less risk associated with the routine.

Empty the Bong after Every Use

This is another quintessential step among the best practices. You should get rid of the dirty water after every session. Unless you are abandoning your bong for a few minutes and intend to resume a session, there is no reason why the dirty water should still be in the base. It is an unhygienic and unsafe practice. Also, this leftover water can weaken the glass.

If your bong is not in a stringently temperature-controlled environment, the water will expand and contract, leading to varying pressures on the material. There may be some dissipation of moisture, and condensation. The glass material should not be subjected to these phenomena when not in use, especially in environments where the daytime and nighttime temperatures can be quite apart.  

Disassemble the Pieces

Do not keep a glass bong standing at any place for a prolonged period of time. You can showcase your asset to friends and acquaintances, but there is no need to have it stand at a fixed place as a centerpiece. You will only increase the risks of damage and breakage.

Disassembling the pieces of a glass bong also means that the entire setup is not at risk of being damaged or breaking if the apparatus gets tripped over. If you are throwing away the dirty water after each session and cleaning your bong frequently, then disassembling will become a natural unavoidable act.

Proactive Protection on the Move

Even if you are not someone who carries their favorite bong around, probably to a friend’s place or just on the move, it is necessary to have the requisite gear. You can carry a glass bong in any bag, as long as there is enough space inside and the pieces are protected.

You can use a cushy towel, some piece of thick clothing, a hard case with padding inside, or bubble wrap that is still in a functional condition. Don’t use a bubble wrap if all its shock absorbing air pockets are already burst. Most glass bongs break due to an inadvertent error or on the move, so be alert and prepared.


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