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The Benefits of Using a Thermal Banger for Your Dab Rig

The Benefits of Using a Thermal Banger for Your Dab Rig

There are quite a few ways to customize your dab rig based on your preferences. Your choices are not limited to only the materials or sizes. You can also choose distinct designs and styles. A dab nail, for example, doesn’t have to be the classic form or any of the traditional variants.

One of the more recent developments in the world of dabbing has been the thermal banger. You are probably familiar with a banger, which is now a staple design featuring a flat base for a dab nail to heat the concentrates. Thermal bangers come with a few consequential modifications.

If you are wondering whether or not you should get a thermal banger, the following benefits and key factors will perhaps help you to make an informed decision.

Benefits of Thermal Bangers

A thermal banger is an upgraded design of the regular ones. There is still a flat base that you can load with concentrates without worrying about the limited space of the rounded bottom of a typical dab nail. But thermal bangers have a few features that deliver some desirable benefits.

A Thermal Banger Retains More Heat and Longer

First of all, thermal bangers have a double-walled construction. A normal banger does not have two walls. You put the concentrates directly into the flat base and there is no other partition or chamber. Hence, the exposure to ambient air is still somewhat the same as a regular dab nail.

Thermal bangers with the double-walled chamber reduces the exposure of your concentrates to ambient air. Thus, there is less ambient air to cool the banger and your preferred concentrates. Even when you inhale the vapors, the resulting draw of air doesn’t cool the concentrates to the extent a regular banger does. Let aside ordinary dab nails that cool down much faster anyway.

This enhanced heat retention serves two wonderful purposes. One, you don’t have to deal with a swiftly cooling dab nail. Two, you won’t burn your concentrates excessively. You can enjoy a kind of a low-temperature dabbing experience and fully extract the flavors and terpenes.

Thermal bangers work wonders for low-temperature dabbing. That’s primarily because you may have to overheat an ordinary dab nail so that it can retain sufficient heat for a few puffs. Thermal bangers don’t have that problem due to excellent heat retention in comparison to normal nails.

Thermal Bangers Deliver Better and Stronger Hits

Extremely poor heat retention by any dab nail won’t deliver the strongest hits. Excessive heating will not deliver the most flavorful vapors, especially if you are someone who enjoys a few subtle notes. You can avert both inadequate and excessive heating of dab nails with a thermal banger.

Since thermal bangers don’t need to be scorched with a butane torch before you can place your concentrates into the double-walled chamber, you can safely sustain the optimum temperatures of under 400 °F. And you can enjoy the delicious flavors that won’t be likely at over 500 °F.

Suppose you have concentrates that deliver better or more flavors and stronger hits at 500 °F to 700 °F. You can certainly use the same thermal banger made of quartz for such medium to high temperature dabbing. Even then, thermal bangers will retain heat better than regular dab nails.

Therefore, you can use thermal bangers for low or medium to high temperature dabbing without worrying about rapid cooling. You don’t have to heat the nail again immediately to derive exact vapor quality and flavor profile, which is desirable if and whenever you are dabbing with a friend.

The key to amazing dabbing is extracting the flavors without burning the concentrates. Regular bangers and dab nails can do that well, but the limitation is how efficiently they can deliver those hits, and if they will last a while without any further heating or torching.

The combined heat retention and better flavors are wondrous benefits of using thermal bangers.

Thermal Bangers Are Easier To Clean and Use

Last but not least, you can clean and use thermal bangers more conveniently than regular dab nails. The double-walled chamber, along with the deeper flat base, prevents your concentrates from clogging the joint or the tube of your dab rig. Thus, cleaning is definitely much easier.

You can also continue to use thermal bangers for several rounds without dealing with clogging or frequently replenishing the concentrates in the dab nail. If you already use carb caps or such essential accessories for even better dabbing, you can and must do so with a thermal banger.

Furthermore, thermal bangers come in different sizes, a few angles, and both male and female joints or connectors, so you will definitely find one conveniently to suit your dab rig.

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