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The Benefits of Using Quartz Nails for Your Dab Rig

The Benefits of Using Quartz Nails for Your Dab Rig

Beginners tend to gravitate towards glass nails for their first dab rig due to the low prices. Many dabbers are fans of titanium nails because they are phenomenally durable. However, titanium nails are not exactly affordable. Also, many critics do not like the slightly metallic taste of the vapor due to titanium. Albeit, this claim is subjective, and many don’t endorse the same.

The midrange dab nails in regards to both price and reliability are either ceramic or quartz. A quartz nail is clearly superior to the other varieties, and it can definitely enhance your dabbing experience. Let’s check out the benefits of using quartz nails for your dab rig.

Quartz Nails Are Durable

Glass is the weakest of all materials used to make dab nails. Ceramic and quartz are stronger, but not as durable as titanium. However, quartz is sturdier than ceramic. So, you can get a more reliable piece than glass and ceramic without paying the steep price of a titanium nail. 

When we talk about durability in the context of dab nails, the issue is not limited to the material’s sturdiness or resistance to breakage if you accidentally drop it. Of course, glass nails will break as soon as they hit the ground from a height. A quartz nail is not as vulnerable. Beyond that, a quartz nail can endure much higher temperatures than glass without suffering material damage. 

Quartz Nails Are Affordable

The durability of quartz nails is more appreciable when you consider their price. While quartz nails are more expensive than glass and a few ceramic varieties, they are much cheaper than titanium nails. Beginners may not want to invest a lot of money in a titanium nail at the outset. However, you might want the durability and reliability of titanium, so quartz is a fine balance. 

Quartz Nails Are Convenient

One of the most enjoyable benefits of quartz nails is the convenience of use. Quartz heats up swiftly, so you do not need to hold on to the butane torch for a long time. Besides, you do not have to worry about damaging the quartz nail, unlike glass which cannot endure extreme heat.

Quartz is also convenient because it sports an observable transformation as you heat the nail. A quartz nail will turn red as it heats up. Exercise caution during this process, though. You should not heat a quartz nail to the extent that the entire material turns burning red. 

The precise duration to heat a quartz nail depends on how much concentrates, waxes, or oils you use at a time. Also, a seasoned quartz nail should not take longer than a minute to be sufficiently hot. In most cases, you are looking at 30 seconds to less than a minute of torching. 

Quartz Nails Are Effective

Quartz nails are more effective than other materials due to three reasons. First, the nail heats swiftly and that saves you time. Besides, you do not need extremely high temperatures for most waxes or oils. Many dabbers report experiencing better flavor and texture when a nail is medium hot. Hence, you can rely on a quartz nail’s medium high heat if it is glowing red, not burning hot. 

Second, quartz nails do not impart any metallic or other flavor to the vapor. Thus, you get the best flavor and texture of a wax, oil, or concentrate, as it is meant to be. Furthermore, quartz brings out the best flavors of cannabis. A quartz nail enables the release of terpenes when you dab cannabis. However, the personal experiences will vary based on how you use a dab rig. 

Third, quartz nails achieve the sweet spot of medium to low heat better than titanium, ceramic, and glass. While quartz nails heat swiftly, they also tend to cool rather quickly. Heat the nail for under a minute and wait for a few seconds for the temperature to drop. Add your stuff so that you do not unnecessarily lose much wax, oil, or concentrate due to high or extreme heat. 

Quartz Nails Are Safer

Quartz nails can be seasoned with heat and oil or wax. When you buy a new one, simply heat it with a butane torch, take the dabber tool and put some wax or oil on the quartz nail, and let the material vaporize completely. This seasoning method prepares your quartz nail and eliminates any toxins and traces from the manufacturing process. 

Quartz nails are also safer in their typical banger forms. Besides, you can use a carb cap to limit the airflow to the quartz nail. Ideally, you should retain as much heat and guard against external  interferences to prevent a significant loss of delightfully flavorful vapor.


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