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The Best Substitutes for Glass Bongs, Pipes and Dab Rigs

The Best Substitutes for Glass Bongs, Pipes and Dab Rigs

Glass bongs, pipes and dab rigs have been popular for ages. Some of the first hookahs to be ever made had glass bases, albeit the oldest material used for such a purpose was coconut shell. In recent times, glass has become the default material for bongs, pipes and dab rigs. Glass is transparent. It does not interfere with smoke, for example absorption, and has little or no influence on the flavor, texture, and aroma. However, glass is also fragile as a material. Many people want something that is sturdier than glass. This is why pragmatic substitutes are gaining traction. Let us explore the most common pragmatic substitutes for glass bongs, pipes and dab rigs.

Acrylic Bongs, Pipes and Dab Rigs

Acrylic is a type of plastic. The material is sturdier than glass. It is also a much more affordable material. Acrylic is highly malleable. This means it can be easily tweaked into distinct shapes, structures, and forms during production. As a result, acrylic can be used for interesting shapes and designs for bongs, pipes and dab rigs. Acrylic is a relatively newer entrant in this niche and has become quite popular. It is particularly popular among beginners or younger users, largely due to the reasonable prices.

Acrylic bongs, pipes and dab rigs are readily available. Most stores have these and prices can be as low as ten bucks, sometimes cheaper. Despite these positives, acrylic is not the most pragmatic substitute for glass bongs, pipes and dab rigs. The most concerning problem with acrylic is the quality of smoke. Acrylic is not a durable material. It is not a neutral material. A few sessions and you will notice the material is withholding traces of earlier sessions. The quality of smoke including the aroma or fragrance, texture and flavor get severely affected due to acrylic. The material is also not ideal when you have to regulate the heat source.

Silicone Bongs, Pipes and Dab Rigs

Silicone is a vastly superior quality material compared to acrylic. It is not surprising then that silicone products are priced much higher as well. If acrylic bongs are amongst the cheapest, then silicone ones are certainly some of the most expensive options. Silicone is a sturdy material. It is durable and reliable. The material does not have any adverse effect on the quality of smoke, whether fragrance or flavor. Silicone has the ability to withstand high heat. Its endurance level has very little competition from other materials.

Silicone is not a heavy material. Silicone bongs, pipes and dab rigs come with detachable parts. Some parts may be rolled up or packed in without much effort. The lightweight apparatuses are easy to carry around. While acrylic is painfully hard to clean and maintain, silicone offers an effortless experience. It is as easy to clean as glass. All you need is some alcohol based cleaning agent and a bit of salt. There are silicone bongs that can be cleaned in dishwashers.

It should be noted that only quality silicone should be used in bongs, pipes and dab rigs. You should keep an eye out for FDA approved silicone, which is free from known toxins including BPA. It is safest to buy silicone bongs, pipes or dab rigs from reputed manufacturers. Silicone is used widely in a myriad designs. You will get both traditional bongs and state of the art dab rigs.

Ceramic Bongs, Pipes and Dab Rigs

Ceramic bongs are a classic option. The material has been around for centuries but it is only in recent times that companies are finding multiple contemporary uses. Ceramic is not as durable as silicone, but it is much better than acrylic. Ceramic is sturdier than glass, so you will be less worried about breaking it. However, ceramic does not endure falls or mishandling as well as silicone.

One of the reasons why ceramic bongs are a pragmatic substitute for glass is the neutral nature of the material. The smoke produced or the hit you draw using a ceramic bong, pipe or dab rig is as smooth as you can get. Even glass does not provide as much smoothness as ceramic can. Of course you must buy a premium quality ceramic bong for the finest experience.

Ceramic bongs, pipes and dab rigs are also easy to clean and maintain. They can last a long time if taken good care of. Ceramic is not as expensive as some silicone models, so it is a viable option for beginners too.

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