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The Different Types of Bong Shape

The Different Types of Bong Shape

It is nearly impossible to define every bong shape available today. Several companies have unique designs and a variety of glasses are used to make bongs. However, most of the bong shapes can be classified into a few broad categories. 

The plethora of bong shapes and distinct designs may perplex many buyers, but you should consider the essential features to shortlist a few that could be suitable for you. To simplify your shopping quest, here’s a brief overview of every popular bong shape.

Classic Bong

The classic bong is basically a straight tube. The cylindrical bong has a down stem at the base with the bowl. This design is the simplest bong you can use. You fill the tube with a bit of water, sufficient to submerge the down stem spout inside the bong and smoke your favorite herbs.

However, the classic bong has a few shortcomings due to its simplicity. The cylinder or straight tube is somewhat slender and tall. The base is slightly broader than the circumference of the tube, so you may not have impeccable stability with a classic bong.

Also, the bong has nothing between the water at the base and the mouthpiece. Hence, you may have some water trickle up the tube if you overfill or draw strong puffs. These demerits are due to the simple device. On the flip side, classic bongs are one of the cheapest shapes available.

Beaker Bong

Beaker bong is a better version of the classic design. Shaped like the typical beakers used in laboratories, this bong is one of the most popular designs due to the broader base and thus more stability. Also, the cylindrical tube of beaker bongs is slightly larger than the classic shape. 

Hence, you can draw bigger clouds from a beaker bong. Also, you can keep it safely upright on a table without fearing about the mildest nudges knocking the bong over. Furthermore, beaker bongs have a larger water chamber, so you can expect better filtration than the classic shape. 

Subject to the design, a beaker bong may or may not have a percolator. Usually, features like a percolator increase the price of beaker bongs. However, most beaker bongs are still among the more affordable shapes. 

Percolator Bong

Technically or literally, a percolator bong is not a distinct shape category. Percolator bongs can have any of the shapes discussed in this post. However, the specific feature of a percolator calls for a separate mention, especially when you have to choose an ideal shape for yourself. 

A percolator is essentially a water chamber or design element in a bong that enables additional filtration and cooling. Classic or straight tube and beaker bongs route the smoke through the water chamber once. Thus, the filtration and cooling is a one time process.

A percolator bong adds another and often more than two filtration processes. A second water chamber and design elements allow the smoke to linger longer, thus getting cooled and filtered more effectively.

Percolator bongs may be a straight tube or beaker. However, contemporary percolator bongs have various shapes and sizes. Also, the percolator could be in the down stem, next to the main water chamber, or elsewhere in the bong. 

Zig Zag Bong

Zig zag bong is exactly what the name implies, which is also why this shape is called a zong. You get a zig zag shaped tube, beaker, or other design. A zong or zig zag bong may or may not have a percolator. However, the shape serves as a natural splash guard for the user.

The water chamber is at the base of the bong. The zig zag shape is in the middle, so you can draw the vapors but water won’t trickle up as you take the puffs. Also, some zongs have a round base as its water chamber, unlike the straight tubes and beakers. 

Multi-Chamber Bong

Multi-chamber bongs have more than the standard compartments. So, you can get more than one percolator and multiple sections that allow the smoke to cool and filter further than what one water chamber would facilitate. 

Also known as recycler bongs, the multi-chamber shape delivers immensely smooth hits. Like a bong with multiple percolators, a recycler or multi-chamber shape eliminates more byproducts of combusting dry herbs. However, these shapes are usually costlier than the standard bongs. 

Bubbler Bong

A bubbler is more like a glass water pipe than a bong. However, bubbler bongs have a water chamber and the shapes can vary greatly. Regardless of these variations, a bubbler is much smaller than almost every type of bong shape. Thus, bubblers are lighter and more portable. 

Faberge Egg Bong

Like percolator bongs, the faberge egg variant isn’t technically a shape category but a style. The name rests on the shape of the percolator inside the bong. These bongs don’t have one shape as the designs vary. However, such bongs deliver smooth hits due to the integrated percolator. 


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