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The Pros and Cons of Glass Pipes vs. Bongs

The Pros and Cons of Glass Pipes vs. Bongs

Choosing between a glass pipe and a bong is not an easy decision. Personal preference, practicality, affordability, and many other factors have to be duly considered to make the right choice. Even those who have sufficient firsthand experience in dealing with both glass pipes and bongs are often unable to draw an irrefutable distinction. The two popular smoking devices have their fair share of pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Glass Pipes

Pro: Glass pipes are beautiful, affordable, durable, and compact. You can conveniently carry a glass pipe around and, more importantly, do so quite discreetly. You can slide a glass pipe into a pocket on your jacket or in your trousers. The size and weight of glass pipes make them effortlessly portable.

Pro: Glass pipes are substantially more affordable than bongs. There are some limited edition models and pricey options too, but you can get a good quality glass pipe for fewer than thirty bucks. Given the durability of glass pipes and how easy they are to use, it is hard to ignore them entirely in favor of any alternative.  

Con: On the flipside, glass pipes have very little capacity. It is almost impossible to share a glass pipe with one or more friends unless you wish to keep refilling the chamber every now and then. In contrast, bongs are more suited for social sessions.

Con: The other major drawback of glass pipes is the quality of smoke. Irrespective of what you smoke, you are likely to experience a rather hot and uncomfortable session. The hits or kicks are not as smooth and nice as bongs are typically capable of generating. Many people avoid glass pipes solely due to this reason. The rough smoke is not palatable to all.

Pros and Cons of Bongs

Pro: Bongs are among the best when it comes to the quality of smoke. First, the sheer volume is awesome. A glass pipe is too small to generate the voluminous clouds that a sizable bong delivers. Second, the very physical act of drawing the smoke is much more convenient with a bong. The mouthpiece is comfortably wide. A glass pipe needs you to put in a substantial effort.

Pro: Bongs come in a variety of designs or styles. The craftsmanship in many cases is wonderful. Some glass pipes sport an exquisite appearance and they can be regal, but many bongs look and feel more elegant. Besides, the taste or flavor and the texture of smoke produced by a bong are far superior to what you get through a glass pipe. The water in a bong filters the smoke, so it is a much cleaner hit. The true flavors become evident. Glass pipes tend to fail in this regard.

Con: Bongs are expensive. The price is often the only deterrent for many people, especially for those who are just beginning to smoke different substances. Forget the limited edition or collectible bongs, even the moderately priced ones can set you back by almost a hundred bucks.

Con: Bongs are not discreet. They are large and not portable. They are also heavy and require careful handling. Bongs are fragile too. Innumerable people have endured the painful heartbreak after a mild bump or bang against a hard surface has chipped or cracked their favorite bongs.  

Glass Pipes vs. Bongs

Those who wish to buy an inexpensive pipe that they can carry around should opt for glass variants. The affordable and resilient glass pipe serves the basic purpose. Handling and maintaining a glass pipe is not a demanding routine. The only concern is retaining the piece. It is not unusual for people to misplace or lose their glass pipes.

Those who wish to enjoy rich flavorful smoke that has a smooth hit should opt for bongs. Handling and storing bongs is quite a task. You have to invest time and effort to keep bongs clean and tidy. From the upfront cost to the sustained prepping, cleaning, and maintaining, you will have to be a hands-on user. However, all of it will turn out to be worthwhile when you enjoy the amazing smoke. And, in case you are too worried about breaking your bong, opt for an acrylic or a silicone one instead of a glass variant.

The Final Verdict

No one can decide if you should settle for a glass pipe or a bong. Your priorities, preferences, and discretion should be paramount. Ideally, anyone should use both glass pipes and bongs before forming an opinion and making a decision. Nothing beats firsthand experience.

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