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Top 5 Dab Rig Benefits & How to Use It like a Pro

Top 5 Dab Rig Benefits & How to Use It like a Pro

All smoking devices have their fandoms. Shisha connoisseurs treasure their hookahs. Bong enthusiasts tend to have a variety of designs in their collections. Likewise, dabbers celebrate their prized dab rigs.

Once you master the art & science of dabbing, it is unlikely that you will be totally content with the smoke or vapor from any other device, albeit each type has its distinct attributes.

What Is a Dab Rig?

Let’s talk about the dab rig before we dive into the benefits and how to use it like a pro. Dabs are not bongs or hookahs. However, there is a similarity. Dab rigs use a water chamber to cool and filter the smoke, much like shishas.

Here are the significant parts of a regular dab rig:

  • Water chamber
  • Percolator
  • Mouthpiece
  • Dab nail

The essential accessories are a dabber, which is a type of wand to put the concentrates onto the nail, a butane torch to light the cannabis or waxes, and carb caps to cover the rig so that you can contain the flavorful vapor inside the rig.

Not all dab rigs have percolators and many have more than one. While the dab rig is usually made of glass, the nail could be titanium, quartz, or ceramic. Titanium dab nails are expensive but worthwhile since the material is highly resistant to temperature extremes.

In addition to the dabber, torch, and carb cap, you will need a storage case, cotton swabs and cleaning alcohol for maintenance, and your favorite concentrates, of course.

Top 5 Dab Rig Benefits

Dab rigs have attained phenomenal popularity in recent years due to many reasons, one of which is the pursuit of a truly enriching experience. You will know once you have a taste of what a reasonably good quality dab rig can deliver. For now, here are the top five dab rig benefits:

  1. Flavor

Dab rigs outperform bongs and hookahs if you want to draw the rich and potent flavors of cannabis, waxes, and concentrates. Whether you smoke a ready-made product or choose and pack the flowers yourself, dab rigs will generate the strongest vapor you can draw from any other device available.

  1. Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is superior to what you get by smoking cannabis in a traditional way. A dab nail melts the concentrates you choose. Also, the concentrates have much higher THC content than the strength of cannabis in other forms. Naturally, the vapor quality is unparalleled.

  1. The Hit

The flavor and concentration combine to deliver a hit that you don’t get from other smoking tools. Furthermore, many brands infuse their concentrates with special ingredients. For instance, some companies add terpenes to their concentrates, which are the aromatic compounds in cannabis, and other plants. Such additions don’t dilute the hit but certainly enhance the vapor quality and flavor.

  1. Efficiency

Some dab rigs are quite small, almost miniature. These compact designs deliver a strong hit every time even if you use only a nominal amount of concentrate. Most dab rigs don’t require much concentrate, wax, or flower for a single-user session. A dab rig extracts all the flavorful smoke a tinge can deliver.

  1. The Experience

Finally, the experience makes all the difference. The only reason people explore different smoking devices like dab rigs is to have a completely satisfying experience. Dab rigs deliver the hits, flavors, vapor volume & density, efficiency, and efficacy. However, the experience depends on how you use a dab rig.

Use Dab Rigs like a Pro

Dab rigs are not complicated once you are familiar with all the components. The general steps are filling up the water chamber, heating the dab nail with the torch, placing a bit of concentrates, and drawing vapor through the mouthpiece. However, the nitty-gritty separates the pros.

  • You must heat a clean dab nail until it is red. Wait for a minute and heat it again. One round of heating doesn’t always work as parts of the dab nail may not be evenly hot. Besides, dab nail materials are not identical. Hence, ensure you have the optimum heat to melt the concentrates.
  • Always choose a dab rig based on your preference. Some users like percolators because of the filtering and diffusing effects. However, many users don’t prefer percolators to significantly restrict the vapor volume, alter the density, or affect the flavor and hit.
  • Season the dab nail if you want. You may use essential oil and heat to prepare a clean dab nail for a session. Don’t put the concentrates unless a dab nail is superhot. Always clean your dab rig after every session, especially the nail. Any residual traces will impair your experience. 
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