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Top 6 Water Substitutes for Your Bong

Top 6 Water Substitutes for Your Bong

The universal solvent is an ideal base for your bong. Water’s dual ability of filtering and cooling the smoke or vapor produced by your bong is unparalleled. Also, water doesn’t influence the flavors. However, there are some moments when you may want to try out a different medium. 

This guide discusses 6 amazing water substitutes for your bong, but a word of caution before we proceed. Each of these alternatives may not work for you. Everyone does not have the same preferences. Besides, what you smoke should have a significant bearing on your decision. 

1. Warm Water

You may use lukewarm water. Room temperature water works well for bongs. However, when the mercury dips, especially in colder climates and during winters, your water may turn slightly cooler as time passes by. A cold hit may not be the most comforting or satisfying at all times. 

Exercise caution when you use warm water. Do not pour hot water into your bong. While most bongs can endure heat, some models with percolators and other features may not be designed for these parts to be directly exposed to substances at high temperatures. 

2. Tea

Tea is a somewhat disputed but nonetheless a great substitute of water for your bong. You may use warm tea, not excessively hot. One advantage of tea is the added flavor. If you have premium-quality tea leaves or a great herbal variant, your bong session can be truly special.

Like in the case of water, try not to use piping hot tea. Also, you should not mix any milk or cream with the tea for your bong. Milk has high viscosity. Cream will not serve as an appropriate medium for filtration. 

Furthermore, both milk and cream will stain your bong severely, and cleaning it will be a herculean task. Tea may also leave behind some stains, but you can dilute the beverage as you are using it as a medium and not drinking it like usual. 

3. Cool Water

Chilled or cool water is a great substitute for water. Like lukewarm water that makes the smoke more comforting during winters, its cooler version will chill the vapor to a desirable extent. Your smoke will be thicker or denser. The flavors may be enhanced, too. 

Cool water can still serve as an amazing filtering medium, and sometimes better than at room temperature. If you are smoking an unusually light flavor, the cool water can add heft to it and you will feel a pleasant difference. Cool water may also make bolder flavors more desirable.  

4. Snow or Ice

Snow or ice is not exactly the same as cool water in a bong. Natural snow or ice from your freezer has much more capacity to absorb heat than plain cool or chilled water. Snow or ice can sustain its solid state and keep its liquid form cooler for a much longer period of time. 

Thus, you can complete an entire regular session without a significant temperature drop in the medium. You may still have to replenish the snow or ice for consecutive sessions, if you are switching flavors, or the water gets too dirty.  

5. Lemonade

Lemonade is not as viscous as milk or cream. The filtration effect may be the same as that of water at room temperature, depending on the concentration or density of your lemonade. The citrusy infusion you will derive from using lemonade can accentuate your session.

Regular lemonade works better than blending more substances in the mixture. You don’t want the base to be significantly heavy as that will prevent the typical volume and quality of smoke. 

6. Fruity Water

Finally, you may infuse your water with any light fruit of your choice. Orange, mango, peach, and other juicy fruits are a great option. You may also choose one of the heavier tropical fruits. However, do not go overboard with juices that will increase the viscosity of water substantially. 

Striking a balance is essential. You don’t want to do away with the natural attributes of water. Simultaneously, you may want some added flavors. Consider what you are smoking to choose the type of fruit you can infuse as conflicting flavors will influence the smoke. 

Some users like soda. You may or may not have the same preference. If you are adventurous with your bong, you can try some regular soda, but avoid carbonated beverages like colas and other drinks. 

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