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What Makes Electric Dab Rigs So Popular?

What Makes Electric Dab Rigs So Popular?

Dab rigs have been around for quite some time. Confined to a desktop within a room to be able to enjoy a hookah session has been always limiting for many smokers. While innumerable types of portable smoking devices, such as vape pens among others, have been rolled out over the years, none have managed to match the quality of smoke, flavor, and texture of traditional hookah. It is nearly impossible to move around with a sizeable shisha. Most models are not portable. This is why dab rigs became popular.

The Transformation of Dab Rig

Unlike hookahs where the shisha flavor is largely tobacco with infused ingredients, dab rig uses concentrates of legal cannabis. Those who are familiar with dab rigs know how amazing the experience is. However, dab rigs are not the most convenient of devices for any and every setting. Many dab rigs have protruding designs, which take more space than they should in a bag or a special pack. Dab rigs do require essential components other than the tool itself. Then there is the act of using fragile glass and fire.

The Emergence of E-Nails

The shortcomings of dab rigs were getting noticed and before they made this type of device unfavorable for many, the industry pioneers came up with e-nail. The manufacturers of contemporary hookahs and dab rigs, e-nails, and electric dab rigs or smart rigs as they are known, have always been innovating and every few years we have something entirely new. E-nails changed how many cannabis enthusiasts view the idea of smoking herbs. One did not have to be compelled to try tobacco. Concentrate became an option.

E-nails did not just usurp pole position from dab rigs; they actually converted many smokers to concentrates since inception. E-nails have also undergone many changes in the last few years. There are multiple reasons for the rise of popularity of e-nails. One of the primary reasons is the delivery method. Not everyone likes to combust a concentrate, or cannabis in its herb form. Another reason is the relatively compact size. Unlike dab rigs, there are fewer essentials required. But, these advantages of e-nails are now further transformed into what is being called the smart rig.  

The Popularity of Smart Rigs

While e-nails replaced the bulky desktop vaporizers and almost destroyed the market for pens and other portable devices, the smart rigs or electric dab rigs are here to change the world of legal cannabis, once again. Electric dab rigs are a combination of everything great that has been achieved in the industry by several major players. Not every company has a smart rig. But the few that do, have amazing tech and user experience to offer. Let us talk about the advantages that make smart rigs so popular.

  •         Smart rigs are not much taller than the typical smartphone these days. If you are comfortable with a device that is seven inches high, then electric dag rigs are that conveniently portable for you.
  •         Electric dab rigs do not require any additional installation. The entire unit is a single piece set up. You place it, load it, and wait for the heat to kick in. Dab rigs would take up to four minutes, sometimes longer, to heat up. State of the art electric dab rigs can heat up within twenty seconds.  
  •         The battery powering these smart rigs can easily last for thirty-dabs or longer. This makes electric dab rigs more than suitable for a party. Even if you have a group of four or five people and want an uninterrupted session, then smart rigs are certainly the way to go. The models with superchargers get fully charged within two hours.
  •         Depending on the company or brand and the specific model of electric dab rig you consider, there are varying features and specifications. There would be some kind of heat calibration mechanism. You can use multiple heat settings given the type of concentrate and also the personal preference of a dabber. There are special lighting and feedback mechanisms in most smart rigs.
  •         Smart rigs are made of premium quality materials, from borosilicate glass that could be hand-blown to silicone base, detachable ceramic bowl to a sturdy carrying case. It is needless to point out at this stage that smart rigs are much more durable than ordinary dab rigs. If you have ever been terrified of dropping or somehow breaking your dab rig, you can breathe a sigh of relief, and smoke in some of your favorite concentrate with a smart rig.
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