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Why Autumn or Fall Is the Best Season for Stoners

Why Autumn or Fall Is the Best Season for Stoners

Many stoners love outdoor hangouts and socializing throughout spring and summer. The long days and warm weather make for great fun unless you are in the sweltering parts of the country.

However, as summer makes way for autumn, most people dread the inevitable retreat to indoor evenings, often stymied by unfavorable weather. But fall has its distinct charm and a plethora of reasons for stoners to rejoice. Autumn is indeed the best season for stoners. Here’s why.

Autumn Is the Ultimate Harvest Season for Stoners

You might be into bongs, dab rigs, hookahs, or all of these smoking apparati. Nevertheless, the concentrates, flowers, herbs, oils, shisha tobacco, or waxes you use are essentially based on a type of plant, and subsequently its extracts. 

More precisely, if you use a bong or a dab rig, you need budding or flowering herbs and plants to deliver the goods, whether it is cannabidiol or tetrahydrocannabinol. If you use a hookah, you need the tobacco leaves to be harvested and processed to form the base of your shisha flavors.

All such harvests are timed for late summer through fall. Most tobacco is harvested from around July through September. This is the time when the leaves are at their finest, whether the form or potency. The leaves are harvested and then cured to prepare the finest shisha flavors.

Likewise, herbs such as cannabis and hemp are also harvested from August through October. In some cases, the harvesting period is strictly between September and early October so that the plants develop fully mature flowers. 

The harvest cycle is of inexplicable importance to growers. But even if you don’t grow any herbs or other plants, you will be a beneficiary of the ultimate harvest season for stoners. The fall or autumn is when you find herbs and strains that are otherwise unavailable throughout the year. 

Plus, you get fresh herbs and other blends, not some heavily processed concentrate that might have been manufactured a year ago and sitting on a shelf for months, if not longer. Not only are your local stores going to be flooded with goodies, online avenues will have a near deluge of the best herbs, shisha tobacco, waxes, and everything else you seek for your sessions in the fall.

There’s a Nip in the Air and Your Favorite Flavors to Chill With 

As days get shorter and nights longer, autumn or fall ushers in the familiar nip in the air. Even in the south where the air isn’t particularly crisp in this season, the relief from the subtropical heat is definitely a time for celebration, especially if you have your favorite flavors to chill with.

While spring and summer have their colors, fall isn’t left behind. For many stoners, autumn is the most colorful and soothing time to be outdoors. 

As the trees shed their leaves and the entire landscape undergoes a mesmerizing change, you can grab your bong or dab rig to enjoy your favorite hits with your best pals. A brisk walk with a few friends or an hour of solitude in the wilderness, autumn is an ideal time for both and more.

Of course, there will be days when you may have to stay indoors. There’s always a hot brew to complement your bong or dab rig. If you are into hookah, you can try some bold flavors to get a hit that probably would have been too strong on a hot summer evening. Fall is truly the time to up your game and explore concentrates, flavors, or oils that you haven’t tried before.

Family, Festivities, and Food Make Fall Even Better for Stoners

Roll up your sleeves and cook up a storm, bake the pies you have been waiting for all summer, and light your rig on every special occasion. Autumn brings families and old friends together, be it for a weekend or any of the seasonal festivities. If you have a dear one who also enjoys a puff or two, you are set for a ball with the fresh harvest and countless flavors to stock up for the fall.

Finally, autumn or fall is not only the best time for stoners but also the season when many that don’t smoke throughout the year to indulge in a few chilled out evenings. A New York University study recorded a significant 13% jump in the number of stoners during autumn or fall compared to spring through summer. Clearly, more people have fun and relax at this time of the year.


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