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XVape Starry 3.0


XVAPE STARRY Product Details:

  • Jewelry-grade ceramic mouthpiece that folds in
  • Full ceramic chamber with an oval design for better heat contact
  • OLED screen with by-degree temperature adjustability
  • Timer setting to control heating duration
  • Changeable 1865mAh Samsung battery and micro USB port
  • Magnetic mouth cap and ceramic screen
  • 15S fast heating
  • Working time: 5 mins or 10 mins
  • Ceramic chamber
  • Samsung 2600mAh battery
  • Battery changeable
  • USB charging
  • Portable size
  • OLED screen
  • Ceramic mouthpiece and filter

Cleaning Notes:

The micro USB port and changeable battery ensure long-lasting use. The frequency of cleaning depends on usage. For heavy users, clean once a week. To clean the Starry, simply brush out any excess herb and wipe out the chamber with rubbing alcohol.