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7 Essential Accessories for Regular Dabbers

7 Essential Accessories for Regular Dabbers

Literally, accessories are not essential, as they are supposed to be optional or additional elements intended to enhance the features of something. However, a few accessories are unquestionably essential for regular dabbers. Here are 7 of them that you cannot do without:

1. Silicone Jar

A typical wax or concentrate is substantially sticky. Most dabbers realize in time that a nonstick material is more practical to manage the messy exercise of taking out the wax or concentrate from a jar. Fortunately, you have a simple solution in the otherwise modest silicone jar.

Silicone is a highly durable material, with a potential of lasting years, if not decades. Your precious wax will not stick to a silicone jar. Thus, you can manage the stock more conveniently, without a mess in the jar or tool. Also, you can adjust the wax quantity you take out from and put back into the jar with ease. Besides, silicone jars come in various sizes, designs, and colors. 

2. Titanium Nail

Nothing beats the durability and heating effects of a titanium nail. You are probably aware that the dab nail is usually titanium, quartz, ceramic, glass, or electronic. Glass is the weakest of all available options, but also the cheapest. Ceramic and quartz are good, but titanium is the best. 

Also, consider a universal titanium nail so that you don’t have to worry about female and male connecting ports. A titanium nail retains heat longer than the other materials. Also, it is easy to clean a titanium nail. Heat your dab tool and scrape off any residual buildup from the sturdy titanium. You do not need any cleaning solution or special agent. 

3. Dab Torch

Regular dabbers must have a reliable dab torch. Also, you should always use premium butane, not random gas compositions for the dab torch. Beginners often go with ordinary torches, like those used in kitchens. However, these torches cannot generate the intense flame to produce the high temperatures required to heat up the dab nail quickly and evenly. 

A good-quality butane dab torch will reduce the heating time. Also, you can deftly handle the torch to heat the nail uniformly, so that your wax or concentrates are thoroughly warmed to produce consistent vapor. Finally, a dab torch is also handy to heat the tool when you have to clean a titanium nail. Ordinary torches take much longer and don’t heat as effectively or evenly. 

4. Dab Tool

Regular dabbers need to exercise caution as they deal with a dab torch and hot nail repeatedly. Thus, a dab tool is a necessity, not an accessory. You may get a glass, ceramic, or quartz dab tool. However, a titanium dab tool is ideal if you choose the same material for your nail. Still, this choice may eventually boil down to budget, and a quartz or ceramic tool is reasonably durable.

5. Carb Cap

Dabbers have a perennial debate on the utility vis a vis convenience of the dome. Some love the dome to retain the heat and vapor, whereas many don’t want another component in their kit. Irrespective of your personal preference about domes, you can consider getting a carb cap. 

A carb cap is not a dome. While a dome is not completely enclosed, a carb cap is, and no vapor escapes unless you draw it out through the mouthpiece. Effectively, you retain most of the heat and all the vapor from your wax. A carb cap essentially enables you to maximize the vapor intake. Thus, you get the most bang for your buck, as premium concentrates are not cheap. 

6. Quartz Banger

Like the domes and carb caps, there are proponents and critics of bangers. Many dabbers buy rigs that have a quartz banger nail. The debate aside, quartz bangers are a useful accessory. More importantly, a banger and nail combination makes dabbing much safer.

A dab rig is an asset, so is a titanium nail. You don’t want to damage your rig accidentally with a superhot titanium nail being too close. A quartz banger can protect the dab rig and make the entire process safe and more enjoyable for you and your friends.

7. Reclaim Catcher

Beginners and occasional dabbers may not know or realize this immediately but a lot of wax or concentrates get wasted when you do not use a reclaim catcher. Some wax will find a way to your dab’s joint and eventually to the pipe. This spill is unusable and makes cleaning the rig more tedious than it has to be. Also, unused concentrate is a waste of money. Fortunately, a humble reclaim catcher is all you need to use every tiny bit of the expensive wax in your rig. 

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