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Adventurous Smoky Trails: 8 Smoking Accessories Every Traveling Toker Should Carry

Adventurous Smoky Trails: 8 Smoking Accessories Every Traveling Toker Should Carry

Striking the ideal balance between planning, organization, and enjoyment is what contributes to having an incredible time on any road trip. And if you are a serious smoker, then your smoking supplies are probably at the top of your packing list.

Believe it or not, you neither have to sacrifice relishing your favorite dry herbs nor do you have to pack up your entire smoke repertoire before hitting the road. However, there are numerous fantastic ways to smoke and enjoy yourself while on the road. With a little planning and preparation, you can enjoy smoking dry herbs while traveling or at your destination and indulge yourself in some unforgettable experiences. Continue reading and learn how to prepare for stress-free, adventurous smoky trails.

8 Smoking Accessories Every Traveling Toker Should Carry

Go for Travel-Sized Bongs If You Prefer Dry Herbs

Ditch your 12-inch beloved bongs while traveling. You can get the same hit even with compact and portable bongs that can be easily carried in backpacks or duffel bags with utmost discretion. Invest in a high-quality bong, as stronger glass is more durable and is less likely to break. However, you should keep them safe. Another appropriate option is silicone bongs. They are strong and simple to bend, ensuring excellent rips on the move.

Go for Travel-Sized Dab Rigs If You Prefer Concentrates

If you enjoy smoking concentrate more than dry herbs, then you are in great luck, as there are numerous portable options available for you on the market. These small dab rigs take hardly any space in your bag and can be transported without being revealed. But don’t forget to pack the rest of the supplies.

Glass Pipe Makes It Simple and Easy

At times, heading back to the fundamentals with a glass pipe is the best decision to make. The majority of bowls are compact enough to be carried in your pocket, jar, or backpack. When you want a covert tool that still offers a fantastic smoking experience, a glass pipe can make the best travel buddy.

Wax and Dry Herb Vapes for Absolute Portability

Vapes are an obvious choice if you are searching for a compact option that can fit into your palm. They are practical, compact, handy, and do not even need a lighter to get started. Vaporizers are an obvious choice if finding a compact piece is your primary concern. They are compact, practical, and do away with the need for a lighter.

There are mainly two kinds of vaporizers: wax vapes and dry herb vapes. You can easily identify a vape that fulfills all your requirements, no matter what you prefer. One can use them to mitigate or completely remove the unpleasant smoke odor.

Here are some more travel-friendly smoking accessories that can enhance your smoking sessions without being bulky.

Lighter or Torch: Essential for Both Smoking and Dabbing

You'll need something to ignite your dry herbs or concentrates in the first place. Though you can easily find lighters on the way.

While it is easy to find lighters on the road, there is no reason to spend money when you already own one. Furthermore, they can effortlessly fit in your stash. However, torches are an exception in this regard. But if you enjoy smoking concentrate, then you must bring your torch along.

Grinder for Crushing the Dry Herbs

No matter how you prefer to smoke, you will need to break up the dry herbs. Even while touring, grinders make the best device to do the job, as they are small, portable, and can be stored away conveniently. Only a few turns, and all of your dry herbs will be set for combustion. Boon; your grinder also serves as handy storage for your dry herbs as long as they are kept odor-free and airtight.

Stash Jar for Keeping Your Herbs Fresh

Bring a vacuum-sealed stash jar that can keep dry herbs fresh and concealed and also prevent them from developing odors. You can also consider purchasing small yet strong doob tubes for storing less quantity, as they can withstand pressure and also preserve the scent of dry herbs.

Ash Catcher for Cooler Bong Hits

An ash catcher can pass the smoke through the given percolator to make it easier to hit and produce cooler smoke, thus enhancing the overall smoking experience. Also, it prevents ash from getting into the water chamber and keeps your bong clean.

You will surely have a lovely time when you come fully prepared. We recommend that you keep a low-key appearance while smoking on the go. We at SmokeZone strive to offer you the best bongs, bowls, and other smoking supplies. Check out our offerings right away to make your upcoming road trip an unforgettable experience.

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