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Best Strategies for Hiding Strong Hookah Smoke Odors

Best Strategies for Hiding Strong Hookah Smoke Odors

While some people find the smell of hookah smoke comforting and pleasant, others dislike it. When smoking in places like dorms or hotels, it may attract unwanted attention, which can entirely ruin the buzz. Therefore, it is vital to learn the art of concealing the scent of hookah smoke and keeping your sessions secret. In this blog, we have shared some of the best strategies for hiding strong hookah smoke odors.

Hiding Hookah Smoke Odor When Smoking Indoors

Keep the Room Well-Ventilated

If you are smoking indoors, it is crucial to conceal the stench of your smoke by ventilating the area. It won't fully remove the stench, but it will be a huge help. It is always better to smoke in a ventilated room with a window and a door.

Shut the door to the room where you're smoking to confine the smoke so that it does not spread to other adjacent areas. Place a moist towel beneath the door to block the opening and keep the smoke inside.

Place an outward-facing fan in the window to forcefully vent the smoke outside. To be extra cautious, smoke directly next to the fan. This ensures that no smoke lingers in the room.

Blow all the smoke into the fan. It will be thrown out of the window right away.

Hide the Smoke Odor with Other Aromas

You can use room fresheners, perfume, or cologne to cover up the hookah smell. Keeping your hookah pipe clean is another good way to limit the spread of the odor. You can also light scented candles, but never spray multiple aromas or light many candles, or it will become evident that you were trying to hide something. Simply spray some perfume on a paper towel and keep it near the fan.

Aromas like citrus are great at concealing the hookah odor. 

Use Air Filter or Purifier

To keep the air clean, some hookah smokers prefer using air purifiers or filters. Even though traditional air filters are not good at it, electronic air ionizers and HEPA filters can effectively remove small smoke particles from the air and neutralize the odor. It may not be completely successful, but it is still a good solution.

Removing Hookah Smoke Odor When Smoking Outdoors

Be Careful of the Surrounding

Smoking outside minimizes the risk of prolonged smoke odor, although it may spread quite far. So, if you're planning to smoke outdoors, avoid doing so in open areas like parks, and be wary of curious neighbors.

Opt for Vape Pen or Vaporizers

Vape pens or vaporizers are extremely helpful for preventing smoking odors since they generate vapor rather than smoke. Therefore, it produces less odor than a traditional hookah. These devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated and secretive, making them even more alluring to test. Some pens even include flavorings that help to hide the odor. You may also experiment with dry herb vaporizers, which are less strong but evaporate faster than traditional smoke. Portable vaporizers and vape pens are small and subtle.

Eliminating Smell from Your Clothes and Body

When you smoke, your clothes, hair, and body can take in a lot of smoke and stench. First and foremost, replacing your hookah with a bong or glass pipe can help prevent this odor from sticking to your body. The smell could get to your hands and face, making it more challenging to detect.

Put on a New Outfit

Even if you assume you've cleared the smell from your car or place, it is still likely to linger on your clothes. Whenever you're smoking at your friend's place, bring a change of clothes. If you can't change your clothing right away, spritz them with fabric freshener to eradicate the smell.

Fresh Breath and Brushed Teeth Are the Key

You, like your clothes, may retain smoke odor through your mouth. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash to freshen your breath and eliminate the smell. If necessary, keep an extra toothbrush and toothpaste handy. Chew strong mints to freshen your breath, particularly after smoking. Combining clean teeth and mints assures minty fresh breath.

Rinse Your Hands Properly

You effectively remove all the smoke odor from your hands simply by washing them thoroughly with warm water and aromatic soap. If hand soap isn't available, you can use shampoo or even body wash instead. You can even use hand sanitizer, which is quick, easy, and very convenient.

Take a Bath

Apart from your body, skin, and clothes, the smoke odor can linger in your hair. Hence, it is best to take a bath afterward, use fragrant shampoo and soap, and apply some cologne or perfume.

Masking the Scent of Your Dry Herbs

Preserving the aroma of the dry herbs is much simpler than removing the actual smoke smell. Though many people use ziploc pouches to store the unused dry herbs, it is better to keep them in airtight containers, like mason or vacuum-sealed jars. They can restrict the odor and keep your valuables fresh. However, be mindful of the strong odor that comes right after unlocking the container.

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