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Dabbing Decoded: Unveiling the Epic World of Dab Rigs

Dabbing Decoded: Unveiling the Epic World of Dab Rigs

Dabs are often referred to as highly concentrated editions of certain legitimate plants or herbs that happen to be a quicker and more potent approach to enjoying their properties. These concentrates are cautiously obtained by extracting chemical components with solvents, producing a viscous oil commonly termed wax, budder, or shatter.

The craze of dabbing has hit the entire smoking fraternity like wildfire. Even though it has existed there for a while now, it has only begun to take hold on the market in recent times.

Concentrates, as compared to dried herbs, which are popularly vaporized or smoked, need to be dabbed. The process of dabbing may seem challenging and overwhelming for those who are new to the task. This is particularly relevant as numerous head shops stock a profusion of dabbing supplies, yet one may not be fully aware of what is essential and what is not.

There is nothing to worry about, as SmokeZone is here to guide you as you explore the complex world of dabbing and assist you in assessing the different dabbing essentials required for a smooth experience.

How Does Dabbing Work?

Unlike electric heating, concentric heating plays an important role in dabbing. Not only does it avoid exposing your herb to extreme heat, but convective heating is also more beneficial, smoother, and less expensive.

Dabbing involves two major phases. The very first thing is to heat up the nail using a torch. Then, in the second phase, the dab is heated with the nail. As a result, it emits vapor, which you need to inhale, and you have it! You experience an impressive but subtle hit.

Is a Dab Rig Necessary for Dabbing?

Even though there are multiple improvised techniques available for dabbing, we are not fans of those. An excellent method for novices is to transform the bong into an effective dab rig using some common dab gadgets.

However, this is a fantastic short-term answer; you should be using dab rigs, which are more advanced pipes. Dab rigs mimic traditional water pipes but feature a few extra components emerging from them.

Different Parts of a Dab Rig

Dab Nail: You need to lay some concentrate on the nail when you are all set to smoke. It exists at the focal point of the bowl. You can purchase nails individually, but you have to check that you are getting the correct size for your dab rig.

Dome: Though it is not included in every dab rig, the majority do. It is basically a nail cover that retains the smoke in the place. After all, no one wants to give up any bit of the concentrated vapor once you heat the dab.

Joints: Every dab rig has a joint. While some rigs have it at 90 degrees, some have it at 45 degrees. The joint aids in determining the concentration of your vapor.

Dabbing Torch: Though a small torch serves the intended purpose, experienced smokers often prefer to switch to bigger propane-based torches that can rapidly heat the nail.

Dabber: A dabber is a tool for getting some dab on the nail. They may be constructed out of titanium, glass, or even ceramic.

Now, it is time to master the art of dabbing.

Step One: Warming Up the Nail

Switch on your dab torch and direct the flame towards your dab nail, but do it cautiously, keeping the flame approximately 3-5 inches away. Typically, individuals who prefer dabbing at high temperatures heat the nail until little red flakes start to appear or once the nail glows red. There are various nail choices available on the market, but we suggest quartz nails because they are the most reliable ones.

Step Two: It's Time to Dab

As soon as the nail is heated, switch off the torch and keep it aside. Now use your dabbing tool to get some dab on it. We strongly advise you to allow a cooling time of 30 to 45 seconds if you are using quartz nails. As for the titanium nails, 10–20 seconds will be enough. Inhale as you put the dab right on the nail.

Step Three: Exhale and Unwind Yourself

Finally, all you have to do is sit comfortably and blow out, allowing the dab to do its magic. If you're a novice to dabbing, we advise beginning with tiny dabs and progressing from there as you become acquainted with the entire dabbing thing.

Finally, at SmokeZone, we ensure you are spoiled with an excellent assortment of high-end dabbing essentials. Make sure to explore our store right away to discover your ideal smoking gear for a smooth, enjoyable experience!

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