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Getting Started With Dab Rigs

Getting Started With Dab Rigs

Dab rigs come in a plethora of designs and sizes. There are variants for each of the half a dozen essential features of every dab rig. While many consider dab rigs to be a glorified version of the more humble bong, or water pipe, the truth is far from that assessment. Dab rigs are rightly deemed to be much superior to ordinary water pipes, or even the more contemporary bongs. Let us get started with dab rigs.

Dab rigs produce vapor, not smoke. This makes these devices much healthier. The vapor is not only filtered through water to get rid of toxins and derivatives produced by heating up the dabs, it is also cooled in the process and gives you a nice hit. Most dab rigs are around eight to eleven inches tall. There are taller ones, but most people avoid them. Too small a rig is also an unwise choice. You need a sufficient size for the nail, dome, percolator or filter, chamber or stem, reservoir in many designs, and the mouthpiece.

Dab rigs can use percolators or honeycombs for filtration. The affordable models have a filtered down-stem. The nail could be quartz, glass, ceramic, or titanium. The latter used to be popular but is now not so endorsed due to the metallic trace it imparts to the vapor, and hence the flavor and texture get adversely affected. Glass and ceramic don’t leave any such trace but they are not as sturdy as quartz. Most people prefer quartz. It is an excellent conductor of heat. It gets heated up quickly, and can stand the test of time. It does not leave any trace, so there is no negative impact on the texture or flavor of the vapor.

Recycler dab rigs are becoming popular these days. The two-chamber design with an integrated percolator or filter provides a much smoother vaping experience. E-rigs are also popular now. You can consider e-nails. You must have a cap for your dab rig. Any rig without a capped dome offers a subpar dabbing experience.

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