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How to Clean an Herb Grinder

How to Clean an Herb Grinder

Cleaning an herb grinder frequently has two benefits. One, you will be able to recover some of the flowers stuck inside the device. Two, grinding herbs after you clean the tool will be more convenient and effective. The downside to not cleaning an herb grinder for a long time is the sustained residue buildup. The longevity of your grinder may be curtailed if you don’t have an optimum cleaning routine.

5 Simple and Effective Ways to Clean an Herb Grinder

The cleaning method you choose depends on the material of your herb grinder. Metal, plastic, and wood cannot be cleaned in an identical way. However, one basic cleaning approach works for all materials to varying effects.

  1.       Use a Brush or Tool for Basic Cleaning

Take your grinder apart. Take each piece and tap it to get rid of any resin or residue that could be a little loose and can fall off. You can use a sharp tool for a metal grinder. Plastic and wood grinders should be cleaned with a brush. It is better to use a soft bristled brush irrespective of the material.

This basic cleaning routine will get rid of all loose residues. You may be able to salvage some flowers or kief that can be reused in a session. Also, the partly cleaned grinder will be relatively easier and quicker to clean thoroughly using the other methods.

  1.       Use Boiling Water for Metal Grinder

If you follow the previous step, your grinder parts are already unassembled. Boil sufficient water for all the parts to be completely submerged. As the water boils, place all the grinder parts and let them get auto-cleaned. You may also clean glass pipes using this method, in the same pan if you want.

Allow the parts to be submerged in boiling water for ten to fifteen minutes. Reduce the heat if boiling water is about to overflow. Drain the water, let the pieces air-dry, and wipe them with a clean towel. You may notice some rigid resin stuck inside any of the parts. Get the brush or the tool used in step one and remove the residue, which will be much softer after the boiling.

  1.       Use Isopropyl Alcohol for Metal Grinder

Isopropyl alcohol is an alternative to step two. You may also use this step for supplemental cleaning after boiling the metal grinder parts. Get sufficient isopropyl alcohol to submerge all the components. You can buy isopropyl alcohol at any major grocery story, corner shop, or pharmacy.

Submerge all grinder parts completely in isopropyl alcohol. You may use a glass jar or stainless steel container to hold the solvent. Let the parts soak for an hour. You can leave them for much longer. The cleaning will be more effective and thorough. You will notice the color of isopropyl alcohol change to an amber shade as it absorbs all the resin and built-up residue.

Take the metal parts out and let them air-dry for a while. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe the pieces dry. You don’t have to wash the pieces in water after soaking. The alcohol will evaporate completely without leaving any trace. The reassembled metal grinder will be as fresh as new.  

  1.       Use Freezer Air for Wood and Plastic Grinders

Take apart the wood or plastic grinder parts. Tap them and use a brush to recover any flower or kief that can be extracted. Place all the parts in your freezer. Let them be for an hour at least. You can leave them inside the freezer for days if you want. The objective is to let the cold temperature soften the rigid resin.

Bring the parts out of your freezer, get a moist cloth, wipe them thoroughly, and rinse. Be reasonable with water rinsing if you have a wood grinder. Plastic can be rinsed generously under room temperature tap water. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to dry the parts. Your grinder is ready for the next session.

  1.       Use Soda for Plastic, Metal, and Alloy Grinders

You may use soda or cola to clean plastic, metal, and alloy grinders. Except for wood grinders, soda or cola can be used for all materials. Submerge the unassembled parts of the grinder in sufficient soda or cola. Let the magic happen for an hour or longer if you have the time to spare. Take the parts out of the container, rinse them using water, and air-dry before you use a cloth to wipe off all leftover moisture.

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